questionshow crazy did you go with spending this black…


Not much, honestly. I did pick up some electronics, but I'll wait for Monday for the rest.


I haven't spent any money today. I've been exceptionally underwhelmed by what I've seen so far. Only a handful of retailers had anything interesting to me, and then only in their doorbuster sales... I wouldn't be caught dead waiting in line to get trampled to buy a TV. Maybe Cyber Monday will be kinder.


I haven't left my house today. So far, spent $0 on BF. (It may not hurt that we aren't in the market for any big-ticket items and our christmas shopping is done...)


I did pretty well. Saved a bunch on a couple of presents. Bought a few things for myself, most of those were planned. A couple of DVDs weren't. So I probably had about $30 of unplanned spending. Not too bad.


I've spent a couple hundred on Amazon so far. 3 more days of lighting deals left, we'll see how broke I am at the end.


I'm probably on par with most years at a few hundred by now. I did buy myself a few things (clothes) today since they were just decent deals.


At this point I'm still "in-house" with my shopping. The biggest items I have needed to buy (by request) so far have been price-matched by Amazon with no sales tax and Prime shipping. We shall see if I have to get my a$$ out of the house this year or not. I bet I will yield to pressure in a few weeks though.... :(


I did some amazon lightning deals. I got the Panny 24" for the daughter for $159. Dell 23 LED monitor for the boy. Considering two SSDs off of newegg. Some of the deals have been good. If the right laptop comes on, I might buy as I need a new one.

Its been an ok BF sale so far. Amazon seems to be the only offering some decent deals.

Tiger is doing their same mickey mouse thing advertising with the rebate you will never receive.


Being home with my family.


Spent over $1k at Ikea, but only 2 things I bought were on sale. I did get free food there, and saved $10 on two end tables, everything else was regular price.

We just needed a couch and stuff and thought it might be kinda dead on Black Friday there.


$5 footlong at Subway.

What can I say, I splurged


Spent no money today because the one B&M from which I want stuff has its sale on through the weekend, and the manager very kindly put aside my desired items so that I could just go in on Sunday to get them, avoiding the crowds. And internet shopping today has shown nothing imperative or particularly interesting for me. The gifts I have yet to acquire aren't going on sale, alas, so no particular rush--that is, no This Crazy Weekend rush. Though I guess I might want to get on that soon.


Less than $60. I got a Roku, HDMI cable, 5 Christmas tree ornaments, 2 iPhone 4 cases, a kitchen towel, a 3 electric plug splitter, a flash drive, and a grande skinny peppermint mocha. I think I did pretty good. Now I'm sitting at home enjoying my new Roku!

ETA: That is not including the 2 random shirts I bought on GoodJoe today.


I bought two blurays for a total of $10 and a paper shredder for $20. That's it. Black Friday sucked!!!


Much more than in the past since I picked up two iPads. But aside from that (and because of that) I spent less on the other stuff I normally get on BF. a lot of that had to do with lackluster deals easily matched online or later in the season and not wanting to waste my time waiting in line to save $10. I did make out pretty good at Ann Taylor Loft though.


I actually had SSDs from both Tiger Direct and Newegg in my cart. $50 was hard to turn down, but I did because I didn't really need one. I did get a paper shredder for $20, because my old one crapped. Tried to get "Brave" but couldn't, so....meh.

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I avoided the morning crowds but wandered out later in the day only because we needed milk. Found a patio set on super off-season sale for my mom and DH wrangled the price even lower. That was the only gift I bought today, I'm afraid.

We have tackled the BF crowds occasionally in years past, but nothing tempted me this year. We have more than enough televisions, computer equipment, etc. Thought about getting a mega-huge TV on super sale, but the only place we can put one is in the room from he** (think "Hoarders") and I refuse to buy anything for that room until I can shovel out the carp that's already in there!


$0. Did not see anything real special to buy. Anymore, it seem like the big ticket Black Friday deals are off brands or a stripped down Black Friday version of a name brand. I even saw some refurbished items offered as door busters this year. No thanks I will will wait until Monday if I want to shop for items from Big Lots.

I haven't seen a whole lot to get me to fight the crowds in probably 2 or 3 years at least.


I usually don't have much money but they always manage to get me with movies.

I bought:

Cabins in the Woods
The Dark Knight
Black Swan


Wait ... people buy movies?