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The Flat Belly Diet book is wonderful:

But (like I tell anyone who says they want to lose weight) you can eat ice cream and cookies and still lose weight IF you count calories. There are formulas to determine how many calories you need to lose magic number was 1500 but it's different for everyone depending on their size and activity level. Write down every single calorie you eat every day and when you hit your number stop eating. It won't take long to realize that 1500 calories of ice cream and cookies does not keep you full and you will naturally learn to eat calories that make you feel good.

Good luck!


I lost 30 pounds since late February by cooking more stuff from scratch using simple ingredients and recipes. Most of my meals are some combination of meat/veggies/beans/spices cooked in a crock pot and then served over rice or pasta, or in a tortilla.

Here's one variation of the enchiladas I like to make every couple of weeks:

Lightly brown .5lb of meat (chicken, turkey, ground beef, etc) then put in a crock pot on low with a can of corn and a can of black beans. Add your favorite seasonings or a packet of taco seasonings. Let it simmer for a couple of hours.

Make 1-2 cups (dry) rice while when the above is almost done. Mix in diced tomato and peppers (bell, poblano, jalapeno, etc). In a large baking pan spread the contents of a can of refried beans on one side and fill the rest with a shallow layer of the rice mix.



Put portions of the meat/veggie/bean mix in tortillas, roll them up and place them on the rice. Drizzle enchilada sauce and/or shredded cheese on top and stick it in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes.


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overall you can't go wrong with more veggies, beans, nuts, fruits, and lean cuts of meat or seafood. if you make enough at dinner you can take leftovers for lunch and save $ while controlling your intake. keep healthy snacks around, load up on fiber, consider subbing breakfast for a smoothie or protein shake

vote-for3vote-against I made some of this earlier, it wasn't bad. Ate it with a little whole wheat bread and it made a fairly filling lunch. The recipe yields a huge pot full of soup, so I froze most of it for future meals.

I did substitute fat free chicken broth for the vegetable broth and added a dash of cayenne pepper for a bit of spiciness, but that's personal preference because I usually find all-veggie meals to be too bland. Crock pot Santa Fe chicken also has my stamp of approval. Serve over rice as pictured. Add more/less spiciness according to your tastes.


More recipies: Black beans and rice. Spicy Thai noodles (probably not super-healthy, but you can tweak it a bit to get the calories under control) Chicken tortilla soup.

To make meals cheap, make large amounts so that you don't waste ingredients. Then freeze what you can or eat the leftovers for lunch for the next couple days. I learned this from cooking things that required some silly ingredient like 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. I always ended up throwing out the rest of the can. Then I just started to make enough that I used the entire can of tomato paste and popped whatever couldn't be eaten immediately in the freezer for meals later on. This doesn't work for everything though. Check to see what foods freeze well. (potatoes don't, fyi)


I always find I eat better when the healthy food is convenient - otherwise, despite my best intentions I end up eating whatever tasty food I have that doesn't require cooking.

To that end, I recommend getting microwaveable single-serving Minute Rice (usually in the aisle with Hamburger Helper-type stuff), cans of beans or legumes (I like chickpeas, chili beans, or cannelini beans), and frozen single serving microwaveable steamer-packs.

Then, I heat up the rice, add the veggies and beans, heat the whole thing up and add salsa or Tabasco. The whole deal is about $2.75, has all the major food groups except fruit and takes about 3 minutes to make.