questionsdid you hear that american apparel is back at…


Awesome. Now I'll start buying shirts again.
Thanks for linking this here @thumperchick


Happiness. I know some like dinosaurs and blood, but that's not my thing, so today will not be the day.
I know, I know I can get something other than shirt of the day, but then it wouldn't be as great of a deal !


Woot is definitely taking a step in the right direction. Good on ya guys! Now bring back the regular "Fight for your life" BOC and I'll be willing to come over to your house for a playdate.

@thumperchick: Your use of Rarity was well played


@theoneill555: Thanks for the call out. It's gotten to the point in which I don't even look on the main shirt page at all on some days.

Well played, Woot. Just hope it's a long enough "temporary" to truly gauge customer demand, as many who left due to the change don't return to check everyday. Over a year later, we still have folks just finding out, so.

On Saturday, I ran across two more Woot/Anvil shirts in a thrift store - Ride The Magic Rails and Zombies Chase Me; the latter so new it's still in the reckoning. Either someone had a grudge against @fishbiscuit5, or they were so displeased about the shirts, which were washed (aka stretched/shrunken), that they didn't want them anymore. I'm more to believe it's the latter, and chalk it up as another customer that's probably not coming back.





too bad AA wasn't available this weekend, shirt.woot lost out on a few sales that would have been made "only if on AA" as we say in my house. Other than that great news for a Monday morning.


I suggest you send out an email to everyone telling them to come back. I stopped looking at your shirts because I don't care for Anvil and love AA shirts. Sorry, just the truth.


I want to know if they are going to publish any sales stats. It would be interesting to find out what the split on the sales was.


@wisenekt: I'm guessing not, especially considering that the numbers have been off since the cart was implemented. Not that I've been paying much more attention than that, as I retired from number duty a month ago.

Whether they'll be reflected on the artist's page, I have no idea. We'll hear about the results somehow or another, I suppose - either this becomes a permanent option or Woot reverts to one supplier.


This is a great first step, but it would be nicer if it were expanded to the shirts in the Reckoning / Top 20 as well. Still, very glad to have AA back as an option! I hope to see some awesome designs this week so I can pull the trigger on a couple.


@narfcake: I just hope we are not being suckered again to accept a price hike but not having the product quality to go with it. I am still bothered that they raised the prices under the guise of keeping AA and then changed to an overseas supplier and said they worked on the change for over a year.


@wisenekt: This guy knows where my head is. This is the second price hike that Woot has come up with for supposedly getting a decent-quality shirt. No, thx.


Thanks for thumperchick's tell out.And expecting to see the new style shirts come from AA.


@wisenekt: The days of the $10 AA shirts and then the disguise of the $2 price hike to keep the shirts American Made..

and then BAM Horrendous foreign shirts at the same $12 price tag.. and now spending $13 to get American Made again..

Sorry but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I will reserve my shirt woot purchases to the random 3-pack as I have since my personal boycott of $12 shirts


Please tell me, where can I get a good quality, screen printed, uniquely crafted design T-shirt for $13 shipped?

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