questionswhere can i find a decent set of wheel covers…


Breaking ... maybe try to avoid touching the curb when parallel parking? I can't imagine why they would be breaking otherwise without some sort of physical contact.

My suggestion - just buy two boxes of cheap hubcaps so you have four spares. If you're losing them because of potholes, then thread a couple zip tie through the holes in the steel wheel and the hubcap; just keep a pair of cutters in the car in case you need to remove them.


Junkyard. They sell those things for a buck a piece and I'm sure your car has the 14" wheels that just about every 90's car came with.


@narfcake: I do not break them hitting curbs. ;-) They sometimes break just installing them because they are so damn thin and cheap. I recently bought new tires and the tire shop broke one taking them off. Again, they are just that fragile. I have thought about just buying additional ones to keep replacing when they break but I would rather just buy better quality ones and not have to do that.


@eraten: This is probably a good idea. I just hope I can find some in decent shape. I drove around with no wheel covers for most of the summer (because I don't care how it looks) but my wife thinks it looks to "ghetto" so she made me buy some.... :-)


Ebay Motors. Good deals there on occasion.


Check out this site. I've never had a vehicle requiring hubcaps so I'm not an expert but the ones on this site look nice.