questionscan haters be rehabilitated?


Why would it be considered "hate" to down vote somehthing?

Just because a poster thinks it's a "good deal" doesn't make it so.


I try not to down vote things, I just ignore them. The only things I down vote are answers that are being disrespectful. There was a a question a few days ago that I thought was getting a little out of hand and I down voted a few of the answers. Of course, all of the ones I down voted were not from good members of our community, but from someone who was clearly trying to start an argument with anyone he could.


I think it's just part of human nature. :(


The rare times I've downvoted a deal is when the item is easily available at a better price elsewhere.

The rare times I've downvoted comments is when someone espouses an opinion not based in fact.

That said, the internet empowers people's inner jerks. The anonymity on the web lets people say and do things without fear of repercussion.

But you know what, since "hater gonna hate," then "likers gonna like". Having seen the morons who think OhCheri is spamming deals.woot consistently downvote any of their deals, I've taken to automatically upvoting any deal where I can see some women's skin in that postage-stamp sized picture. The fact that I've never clicked all the way through to OhCheri's site (corporate blocking) is irelevant.


Sorry but I don't see rehab or a return to previous ways happening anytime soon. DW is working the way that TPTB want it to.