questionsmost expensive thing you've broken while angry?


Nothing. I don't break things in a fit of anger.


I outgrew childish behavior like having tantrums and breaking stuff when I was a kid.


I don't break things out of anger either.


The lead in a pencil. Estimated value $.03
But that was when I was young and silly.


Another person's trust.

I don't know that there's anything more expensive or valuable than that.


"don't make me angry. you wouldn't like me when i'm angry because i back up my rage with facts and documented sources." - The Credible Hulk


My brother punched a wall and broke his hand and his pride.
edit: the wall was fine though lol


I inherited this enormous $10,000 custom designer sofa from my parents' divorce. Instead of fighting over the family furniture, my dad showed up at my house one morning with a moving truck and dropped off the whole house full of stuff. The sofa finally wore out and I was struggling to get it out of my house, but it weighed a ton. I finally managed to summon up enough strength to give it a mighty shove out the door, and then looked back to see it had drawn a 10' long scratch in my newly laid laminate flooring. Adrenalized and frustrated from fighting the thing I kicked it and broke my toe on the wooden frame.

My kid brother has a biological problem that results in black rages,. Fortunately, as he got older he taught himself to take it out on objects rather than people, being 6'7" and built like a linebacker. But he's broken every bone in his hands more than once hitting things harder than he is. And spent a lot repairing the damage as he's broken walls and dented cars.


A shot glass. Cost me 4 Shekel ($1). My friend was having love troubles and I got really worked up about it and slammed my glass on the ground. Instead of shattering, it awkwardly bounced off of the cement, merely chipping it.

It wasn't real anger though, as the outburst was out of love rather than hate.

(This was in Israel. No Open Bottle laws, so we were drinking outside)


I regret to say the most valuable thing I broke while angry wasn't even a physical possession. It was the hearts of my daughters and my fans on that dark day in 2007. It felt awful knowing I let my family down, my fans down, knowing I let america- no The World down. It's been a tough crawl getting back on my feet but luckily I have this song to help me get through the hard times and it reminds me that Even the best fall down, sometime It's a good reminder that no matter how great you are at singing, acting, dancing, performing, bringing freedom to germany, looking handsome, saving lives, it can all come back with a relapse. Thankfully though, I've had a lot of support from my loving daughters and supporting emails from my fans, with your help I have been sober for 5 years now, and I don't plan on falling Hoff the wagon.

Remember friends, sometimes, life gives you a wake-up call. It's how fast you get up, not how hard you fall.


Playstation one. I was mad at an error loading screen and ripped the entire system into tiny pieces bare handed after snapping the controller in half.


The most expensive thing I broke in anger was a guys nose and right arm when "NO!" didn't seem to be a word he understood.


Nothing recently.
Couple years back I was drunk and playing Guitar Hero 3 online with some friends. Red button on my Les Paul had been somewhat sticking. While playing "For Whom the Bell Tolls" I couldn't take it anymore and flipped the controller and went Hetfeild on it. Smashed it to pieces.
Friends in the party are all WTF? Told them what happened and everyone laughed. Woke up to the mess the next morning and just giggled myself.

Put it back together and it still works like a champ. Still use today. No spring in the whammy bar though, but red doesn't stick anymore. : )

@davidhasselhoff: BEST ANSWER EVER!!


I'm not one for smashing things to vent my anger. There have been times when I was fixing something, got frustrated/angry and then accidentally broke it because I was not being as careful as I should have been. Like putting together a bookshelf, realizing that the box did not include all of the screws needed, go grab random screw out of tool box and ruin the shelf because that was not the right sized screw.


DualShock 3 controller. They don't make video game controllers like they used to. I don't have a tendency to break things while angry, but video games can drive me into a state of rage where I have the need to throw the controller on the ground in pure frustration.


Play a full contact sport. Go into a game in the middle of a bad week and then have nothing go right during the game. Take frustration out on the next person that you can lay a clean hit on. Not sure what it costs for the surgery on a dislocated shoulder and post concussion treatment but I am sure it wasn't cheap..... With that said it was a clean hit, unfortunately the guy just landed in a bad spot, 1 foot in either direction and would have been "fine" just getting a hard hit.


I broke the law in anger once. That was pretty expensive.


I'd have to say it was the garage door, I was kind of ticked off and backing up after having my license for all of a few months, went to back out of the garage, still concerned with whatever it was that had me so worked up and forgot to put the door up. Parents smartly made me pay for it and I to this day will not drive upset or distracted.

edit Funny thing is I can't even remember what I was angry about, but I remember the sound of the bumper hitting the door all too well


I once slammed my microwave door when I was really angry and the handle broke right off. I didn't think it would be much to replace it, but it turned out the replacement handle was $60!!


Nothing here as well. I wait until the situation stabilizes then continue on.


Can't believe no one else has said this yet..
The most expensive thing I've ever broken while angry was a car..

I found out my girlfriend was cheating on me and went for a ride to clear my head, which wasn't the slowest or law-abiding evening drive I've ever taken.. The end result was a pristine condition '87 Cutlass Supreme deposited in a culvert.. A tiny tweak in the frame, and it was totaled.. I was devastated..


I used to have a habit of smashing my phones to avoid the ringing. In the early days it was a Nokia candy-bar form that would never die. If it kept ringing I'd throw it against the wall and watch the satisfying crashing into four pieces. Later I'd put it back together. Then I upgraded to a flip phone... Bad idea. If you rip them in half, they stay in half. Upgraded to a slider phone. Again, just a bad idea.

...I treat my phones better, as they now cost a fortune. ...A decade of maturing helped too.

The most expensive casualty was the Motorola MPX200 I got from Woot for $54.99.


I lost 85 bucks while playing poker on-line, I then punched my $1400 Macbook pro and destroyed the screen! That sucked