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SSDs are great for just about any application, but if you want to get the most bang out of it, I suggest using it as your primary hard drive. You access times on SSDs are much faster because there is no spin-up time. Also, the read is completely digital as well, knocking probably just mere miliseconds off of your loads once it spins up to full speed.

With the way prices are going, I may ditch the Caviar Black RAID that I have set up currently, but I'm still not sure I want to lose the capacity. I wish the SSDs were bigger. I guess 4 of them in a RAID would suffice though.... Ahhhh! decisions decisions!


You'll benefit most from an SSD if you're doing a lot of read operations, especially if multiple programs are trying to use the disk simultaneously. Booting, loading programs, and streaming video to other devices will all be more efficient.

If you're constantly hearing your hard drive chugging along while your PC gets sluggish, you could probably use an SSD upgrade.


Ask Shrdlu. I didn't call her out on purpose, but she is the grand maven of computing IMHO.


If you're adding the SSD as a secondary drive, you may be wasting your money. The SSD needs to be your primary boot drive to really see the zippy-ness that is SSD. This means a complete re-install of your OS from what you have now.

Also, as samstag mentioned, the programs that will really see a boost are those that constantly access the hard drive. So if you use this laptop primarily for surfing the web, again, you're not going to see a ton of the benefits that come from running an SSD.

Lastly, running an additional drive in your laptop, SSD or not, is going to put a decent dent in your battery life. Not sure if you care about that or not, but it needed to be mentioned. And if you're now thinking about swapping your current HDD out for an SSD, tests have shown them to surprisingly be about equal in power consumption. (google for proof) So no gains there.