questionswould you like to hear about a happy ending?


Wonderful! So happy to hear this - thanks for letting us know.


Wow, very cool of them to put so much effort into returning something to the rightful owner. Nice to know that there was a bit of a "positive" for you and your son to take away from this unpleasant situation.


That is absolutely the coolest happy ending I've heard in days! Thank you so very much for letting us know how it all worked out!

P.S. How're are your son's school sales going?


Fantastic news !

I ponder: What should be common place , we consider extra special effort ? OR maybe we only hear about the bad stuff and not all the wonderful happy endings ?
Either way, glad he got his Nook back.
Hope his sales are going well.

Kudos to the couple who found you to return it.


@magic cave: about $400 dollars and a week to go, he says if he won the kindle , he would donate it to the school


@mkentosh: Great kid! My compliments to his parents!


@ceagee: When I was working for my credit union, I was continually surprised by the number of Good People who called to say they'd found a debit card (usually in a parking lot!) and asked what to do with it.

I suspect there are a lot more honest, helpful people out there than there are sleazebags and that we just don't hear about them as often.

That said, I'm genuinely impressed with the effort put forth by the couple who found the Nook to get it back to its owner.


I relate the following not to toot my horn, but rather to encourage others to do the same - these actions are taken for internal reasons, not accolades:

I was visiting my daughter at an upstate NY school and came across an iPhone on the street. I called the top number on the recently called list and it was a guy in Boston who had visited the owner at this school and said she was starting that semester and would freak out losing her phone. Found her and returned it.

If doing the 'right thing' isn't enough motivation, put yourself in the shoes of the owner or think about the guilt every time you use the device or if you profited from it.


Tips to help with mobile device recovery:

1) always turn on the lock device code feature. It's a bit of a pain but offers some protection for your personal info.

2) if available, turn on 'Find my phone' services. In the worst case, these services often allow you to remotely wipe your personal info.

3) make lock screen wallpaper that includes your email address.