questionsso?? it seems someone doesn't like me??


gosh there are some mean people on here...

thanks for the negative vote here too??!! dang...


Haters gonna hate. It happens, but I've seen that posting/complaining on here doesn't end well...


@falcondeal: i understand... but still hurts... and i honestly... don't understand how people get pleasure out of doing something mean to other's.... really...

i know on forums.. people dont like people to complain.. so i wont again.. but heck this is my second day posting... and today...putting all negatives?? why??? what is the point??

oh well... such is life...

mean people suck..............


well, i've seen several of your post, and upvoted them.
maybe they are just jealous you are finding better deals than they are?
but yea, @falcondeal is correct. if you come on here and gripe people will hunt you down just so they can downvote. your rep will recover, but it will take a bit.
and since you sent a big texas hug to me yesterday, i'll send you a sanitized illinois hug today (this part of illinois makes you want everything sanitized.)


@moosezilla: thank you for the kind words, and the hug :-)


@iluvmybubbles: Sorry for the voting hater. Sometimes people are just meanie poopie heads. I voted up this question if that helps. =)


@iluvmybubbles: Don't take it too personally my favorite thing to say in these situations is people would downvote kittens. A stage + Anonymity = Douchbaggary!


Are you sure it's the same person every time?


Look at this. It contains some information you may find useful on this subject.


everyone gets that one hater that would also downvote mother theresa. i'm jealous of all your good deals, but it wasn't me! i upvote your stuff



Try not to take it personally. I just started posting a couple of weeks ago & had the same thing happen to me. Not sure what it is all about?? maybe some type of initiation or "hazing". Anyway, it should get better. I upvoted what I saw of yours today. Hope that helps :-)


Here, maybe this will make you feel better:
I had (5) somebody('s) downvote a deal for a FREE donation to help fight breast cancer. (contributed to help with free mammograms..)

My point is, there are angry people. A lot of them :).
They'll downvote ANYTHING. Although I gotta admit, I'd love to know what goes through peoples minds when they're downvoting a lot of this stuff lol

[ed] While looking for that deal, I saw that you had somebody downvote your free breast cancer detection kit.. equal parts sad and coincidental.


I've never voted for any of your comments or deals that I can recall.
To show you that you're not being targeted personally, I downvoted this question, your posts on this questions, and EVERYONE's posts on this question. Including my own.

edit: except for @w00tgurl. I have a secret crush on her, so I upvoted her reply.


Actually, @kamikazeken, you did downvote a deal of hers.  Worse, you called her a tool.  (This kind of treatment of others is allowed here? )

Based on my recent experience with you, however (link below), your comment to her does not surprise me.  @iluvmybubbles, you are not alone. I've made the decision I was pondering (in a previous question i asked) about time investments and woot, and I'll be sticking to browsing deals from now on. The negativity just gets to me... I get down voting but I don't get the mean spiritedness of it sometimes.

Fwiw, many of my free kindle books are still genuinely free, but I'm not up for policing them so they are all RIP.


This is life, its not mean its just the way it is in a group setting.

You ever hear people say if they aren't talking crap to you face then are talking crap behind your back?

The thing is, when you don't play along it can get ugly quick then the messin turns to doggin and diggin just you b/c you can't stand the heat in the kitchen.



@kschouten: thanks for pointing that out. TOTAL tool duplicate post! Like I said, "As I can recall", I typically forget about things said on the internet within a day or two.

It's so awesome that I've found a new stalker! I'll even help you out by downvoting my own post again.


@captainsuperdawg: I sound like a broken record from there to here.


Really? If the 5th grade hug fest is over, can we get back to not giving a crap?


Unfortunately, it's the internet. Get people behind a screen and they become raving lunatics. It's not great advice nor very helpful, but the best I can say is let the idiots roll off of you.

People downvote things into oblivion for no good reason, and are fiercely protective of their ability to be idiotic. Fortunately for right now, the people that think they're idiots far outnumber the real number of idiots.

Until the movie Idiocracy becomes real life. Maybe then I'll just exile myself to a desert island.


I really can't believe that this conversation is happening.


@meh3884: I can't believe it's died down! Let's keep this one going!


well, congrats to iluvmybubbles on her black triangle! green to black in 1.2 days, give or take :)


@w00tgurl: wow! i had noticed it was quick, but not that quick.
@iluvmybubbles: congrats! way to go!


@iluvmybubbles: Hey while I was trying to find my hater I found your hater.
It's @whatsmypassword. I don't know what you did to get make him mad. All I did was tell him a deal he posted wasn't really a great deal. (it was the regular price)

Don't know why the hate, but at least you know who it was.


@moosezilla: i was exaggerating, not sure how long it took but it was quick :)

@cowboydann: i remember another person (tom something) on here was posting duplicate deals all in a row, and when someone was commenting on the dupe, their comment was getting a downvote. i thought... how weird 2 or 3 deal posts from the same person in a row are dupes, there's only 1 comment in each and they were about it being a dupe with a helpful link of the original, and all of the comments had downvotes. i upvoted the comments but...strange world....


Nah. No hater here just having a bad day and I down voted a lot today. I'll be better tomorrow you will get all my up votes. Not just one person got my down votes today I think everyone did. No worries I will be back to my old happy self tomorrow. Hater is such a strong word for a few clicks on the mouse tho.