questionswhy are socks too sexy for woot?


One last parting shot from those leaving today?


Next they'll just flat-out ban you, because your avatar picture is too "sexy." Or for whatever random excuse they come up with.


@djp519: Right, because my avatar is a mannequin with bare plastic arms...too shocking for the kiddies!


Those were really cute, too.


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Sad. Especially when you consider all that Zon sells on the mother-site. Rethinking...not just sad, it's kind of hypocritical. (Suggest you mentally delete the words, "kind of.")

When rules are explained (or changed), I understand. May not like it, but those are the rules of the site. In this case, it doesn't seem that there are any current rules that would exclude knee-socks.

@ohcheri Please let us know if/when/where you move. Sure seems like deals.woot has changed their "Welcome" mat to "Go Away."

....for all of us.


It is silly to remove something as innocuous as a pair of knee socks.


Paging @jumbowoot ..... wait... now what do we do??


@ohcheri: But the sleeping mask / blindfold, I mean... it's clearly a bondage reference. Right? lol...


@djp519: I was actually more worried about the potential armpit fetish complaints ;-)


What has this place become?


Socks, too sexy for the woot, too sexy for the woot,
Unless they are inside a boooooot


@eraten: "What has this place become?"

In no particular order:

1) A quasi-prudish Zon annex?

2) A disorganized, unsearchable hard to navigate fake store-front?

3) An empty shell that used to be a fun, zany woot?

4) An impending ghost-town/site?

5) A place that used to have crazy, good bargains/deals.

6) All of the above?

7) Your answer?


@ohcheri: Is that what your avatar is? Too small to see.

Did said socks cover the ankle? You know what they say about an exposed ankle?

Neither do I this is 2013, and I am not 100+ years old.

@gmwhit: Zon carries stuff that is not allowed on woot. I'd link it but do not want to be wedit.
Your answer is deals wants to be


@gmwhit: 8) all of the above. and more! (or less, depending on how you look at it.)


with all the newbies coming into woot!, the free ride might be over for some people that post too much of their own website's stuff


@caffeine_dude: The socks in question do cover the ankle but not the toes and heel (stirrup socks) so possibly that was the issue. It's crazy how worked up some folks get over naked toes so I completely understand the need for slash-and-burn censorship :-)


@gmwhit: Hypocritical is exactly the correct term. The mothership offers all the items banned here as does eBay and stores like Sears (who allow other merchants to have stores on their site). But I don't see deals from those sites getting deleted...


Sucks but you can only complain so much about the capricious application of rules at a place where you get to advertise for free.


@ohcheri: Sorry but not hypocritical - different sites, different policies and rules.


@lichme: beat me to it. It was the first thing I thought of.


Too many tattles I bet.
This is "crowd" sourced after all.
Despite the disposition of said crowd.

j5 j5

@first2summit: "Sorry but not hypocritical - different sites, different policies and rules."

Hmmmm Yes, they are different & Amazon. But, please remember which mother-site owns woot. And has been very, VERY busy during the last year, trying to make woot more Zon-like. Of course, none of that matters either. Deals and Amazon can do as they please. The issue/question is: Why is deals deleting a deal for innocuous knee-socks?

Different policies? Unsure of what Amazon's are. Nor do I grasp what deals.woot's policies are.

Re: Different rules Yes, probably so. That still doesn't even come close to explaining why a deal for knee-socks (knee-socks??? You've got to be kidding!) was deleted. Never was forbidden before. may not think it's hypocritical. I think it is. Others may agree w/you. Some may agree w/me. None of this matters. I get that. And the staff who could explained has left/or is leaving.. Moot issue, I guess.

Or should I say DEAD?


@j5: ::sigh:: Are you saying that members tattled on a deal for knee-socks? Really? And, if that were the case, do you not think that the mods can see through that? Knee-socks???? Oh, please!


@gmwhit: didn't see it, can't evaluate.

j5 j5

@j5: If I put a link here they will delete it but the image was of a person from the knee down wearing striped socks. You can go to my site and do a search for stirrup socks to see the actual item.


@ohcheri: seems innocuous enough.
Maybe someone clicked it and was offended by the related items?
I don't know, the internet is full of oddballs.

j5 j5

@ohcheri: ok. Ok. Ok. Ok. I didn't delete it. I didn't see it. But from what I heard it wasn't the socks. It was something else on the landing page. Something showing thet we don't allow on deals or deal landing pages.


@thunderthighs: Thank you for the response, I really appreciate it!

I don't see anything on that page that would require deletion of my deal. Maybe you can email me at and provide more detail?


@ohcheri: If I had to chance a guess, I'd say it was the Glamorous Pin Up Inspired Lingerie Set that shows up in the also purchased section. The lack of top leaves things exposed. Nipples, if you will.


I respect the mods' decision here.

I find knee-socks offensive to my personal religious beliefs. That, and crocs.


@luzysstorageplace: Might be funny. Might be valid. Might believe you...just not trusting of sock puppets who joined deals the date they made their 1st post. Nice one!


@piratejones: If a person is offended by a drawing of nipples then you would be correct.

Isn't it ironic that folks are so shocked by nipples (which every human has) but you can show all the breast you want and a breast isn't offensive unless it shows nipple...weird...


@ohcheri: :-D I strongly urge those who are offended by nipples not to view the painting of (Bea Arthur.

If you do check the link...whatever you do, do NOT scroll down. There are nipples there. Painted in oils. Albeit, those imagined by the artist. Shocking!!!


Oh, good grief! @ohcheri I apologize to you. Seems this has gone in a direction that challenges my brain/sanity/reasoning.

People offended by something on the 'landing page' of your knee socks deal? Really? No, seriously? Knee socks against religious beliefs? Sorry, my dear. <3


@gmwhit: " I strongly urge those who are offended by nipples not to view the painting of Bea Arthur" ---human psychology would dictate that it is precisely the individual that would be offended that is going to click to see the nipples.


@luzysstorageplace: But, of course. And I presume you click on photos of knee socks and Crocs. Yes?

Please do NOT bother to answer. That was said tongue in cheek. Or something. :-p


@gmwhit: After taking a gander at ocheri's website, I can say it'll definitely be hard not click again.

I'm sorry you were offended by the joke, I will gladly tattle on my self...


Keep in mind that we want a site where people can click with confidence and that means while at work, with the kids, etc. We are a PG-13 site. This is nothing new and @jumbowoot has discussed this with @ocheri and other vendors as well.

I took the time to respond to the question to end the controversy on the decision. If this just flares up into another controversy, I'll avoid popping in to help out.


Why not just pay Woot to post your "Deals"?

You are a vendor.


@thunderthighs: Thanks for popping in. Will just mention this: You're a PG-13 site unless the deal is posted by woot. Then you're not. Lubes, etc. And yes, I do know the can control...blah, blah. Still seems odd.

Another 'and, yes' - I also know this is your website and you make the rules. Even though the mother-site controls you and sells virtually everything. Some items even make ME blush. ;-) (We're not talking nipples here.)


@gmwhit: Our photos are always PG-13 on any of our sites. The problem is blind clicking onto an external landing page with photos that aren't PG-13. If we send you to an external link, we will warn you if it's NSFW.


@atd15: Ah, you're probably right there. Though...I've checked/clicked on a lot of @ohcheri's deals posted here and have not seen any nudity on any of the landing pages. Maybe I've just been lucky. ::snicker::

@ohcheri Perhaps you should consider adding NSFW on all of your deals. That might take care any potential PG-13 problems. .


I wonder if it would be feasible/advisable for a message to be sent to the poster when one of their deals is deleted. I'd think it would be a fairly simple programming feat for a message to be auto-generated upon deletion, with a simple drop-down for the mod to select the reason.

I would think such a message would be appreciated by everyone genuinely trying to be a good wootizen. I have no idea what impact it might have on the spammers and scammers.


@luzysstorageplace: Hey! You leave my beloved, glamorous, fashionable Crocs alone! How can anyone not love those cushy, clunky, colorful clogs!

Bah. And you keep your kids off my lawn, you hear?

:::grin::: welcome to AtC, luzy-person!