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Wow. Many words come to mind, none of which are appropriate for deals.woot. Good luck, man. I'm going to leave a comment there now.


Good luck in court. It appears the orientation of your neighbor's house gives it very little road frontage and as a result they have no room to park the third vehicle in front of their own house. The only way I can see for them to have additional parking space would be for them to widen their driveway/parking apron (or park on the dirt). I'd bet the Home Association wouldn't allow that, though. (Basically, HA's are worthless.) The neighbor could also park a vehicle in the garage, but it appears to be full of stuff. Perhaps you could petition the HA to create a rule forbidding street parking for more than several hours or a full day. At least then the HA could levy fines or tow the vehicle away. I feel your pain.


Other than comments on their website, how can we help?


Land mines seem like a fun solution.

I wonder what his / their problem is. I hope the judge punishes them good.


That just ain't right. As we say here in the South, someone needs to rip off his arm and beat him with the bloody end of it.

As a, mainstream...solution, however, I say take their butts to court. A pain, yes, but I don't see how a judge could not solve this in your favor....although the law can be a strange thing.

In the meantime, this might be something to consider:
Read the reviews on Amazon:

Now, I know what you're wanna take the high road. I understand. I'd normally agree. But(t), I think this situation might warrant an exception.

I will try to go write a normal, rational response (no reference to the above) tomorrow. I can be quite persuasive with legal logic. Although I'm not one, many people think I'm an attorney when I actually get into serious mode and put forth decent effort into an argument from a legal standpoint.


Staying in the legal realm taking them to court is the only option I see. They obviously are not willing to talk it out and since they move the car each day you cannot call local police to ticket/tow an abandoned vehicle. If having a news crew show up hasn't made him back down then anything said will do little.

Not so passive aggressive park their car in with your cars. Do not touch their bumper but leave under an inch leaving them unable to move the car. Not hear doorbell. If they hit your car call police.

If it has escalated to the questionable realm... Some of life's every day occurrences sure are annoying.

Tree branches have a habit of breaking windows in storms....

Don't you just hate driving over a nail that happen to be on the ground in front of a tire....flat tires suck!

Garbage men really throw around those cans, denting cars even.

Playing catch in the street with a friend sometimes a ball just gets away from ya.

My lawn is fine I am not sure why yours is dead.


I was gonna suggesting writing a message in his lawn with Round-Up but I see he has no lawn.

Seriously though, I would go before your HOA to amend the Association Rules to not allow parking in front of someone else's house for more than one day in a month. No blocking mailboxes or driveways.

I'd go before your city council ask for them to enact laws about blocking another person's mailbox.

Both of these will give those after you some teeth to solve this problem.


I used to live in Coral Springs (graduate of CSHS). If I recall, the town has some pretty strick codes about things. I also think there were restriction about parking on the street, or keeping a car parked on the street for a certain amount of time. You should call the town's code enforcement. After all, these codes are there to Coral Springs doesn't become.. Margate!

You may also want to check about them parking on your lawn. If a tire is at all on your grass, I'd call the police since it could be considered trespassing (it's your lawn). If it can be considered trespassing, I'd call a tow truck.

If you know when they move the truck, I'd be out there and I'd physically stand in the spot and not lot them pull another vehicle in. I'd then move my car to the spot, even though it may somewhat block my own driveway, until they leave. That area is small, so they can't stay there and block the neighbor's driveway if you have it partially blocked. If they do, they can be towed.


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...not that I'm suggesting anything. Really in the end go to your town council meetings and start raising a fuss. They want to go home, and you're taking up their time, so eventually they'll get sick of it and see if there's something they can do. Same with the HOA, most of those people do have families to get back to (though that's not a hard and fast rule, unfortunately most HOA boards are full of people that aren't the best suited for the job, because the best suited people are busy working and earning real money).


I think getting a judge to rule in your favor is probably your best bet, but here are some more passive-aggressive solutions:
*Put a bird feeder right by where they park. The birds will probably hang out on their car while they are eating and no one likes bird poop all over their car.
*Plant a tree or bush or something right at the edge of your lawn so that they can't open the car door on that side.
*Place your sprinkler in your front yard so that it "accidentally" sprays their car every time it spins.
*And the most expensive solution, but guaranteed to work: buy a really cheap car, maybe a little one like a used smart car so the mailman can reach your mailbox, and find a chance to park it in that spot. Then just leave it there and they won't be able to park there anymore.
Good luck!


1) Open a Kickstarter to raise funds
2) Use funds to buy a rocket ship
3) Put your neighbors in the rocket ship
4) Launch it into the sun


Unfortunately, the law is on the neighbors' side with regards to where they can park - the street itself is public. However, they are now doing it to harass you, which is illegal. If you haven't sought legal advice yet, you need to find out exactly where the law stands on their harassment of you.

If the HOA has any fine schedule for violations like this, you would also be able to take it up with them. Your neighbors seem to be in breach of contract with the HOA, but I don't think you would be able to be the one to fight it in court.

Sorry to hear about your mess. Playing their game will only make it harder to make harassment charges stick. Do you have a fire hydrant in your yard? If all else fails, maybe your driveway is wide enough to stick the mailbox in the middle of it.


Much as the HOA would seem like the place to sort this out, it's not. I would go the legal route, pain in the rear as it may seem. It gives you the leverage you need to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Plus, your neighbor is really acting in a very toady fashion. The fact that they move a car to hold the spot (when they have the driveway space to keep their other two cars) shows that it's more for harassment than necessity.

If I believe the news segment, the HOA says they can park there, so you either have to change the HOA rule. But, the law says the neighbors can't interfere with your life (i.e. no mail delivery). Enforcing the law is more for the court systems than the HOA in this case.

Best of luck!


I find it sad that your neighbors haven't come to your rescue and shunned those jerks.
As stated in earlier posts, the legal route is the only way to go. You are right to not stoop to their level. If you haven't talked to all of the neighbors on the street (and their neighbors to their rear too) you might to see if any others have had altercations with these two. If any had that might help bolster your side of the case legally.
I might invest in security cameras for my property too. That guy doesn't seem to be above vandalizing his own car in order to blame it on you.
It's a shame you have to deal with this instead of enjoying life. Best of luck to you.


Thanks all for the input. We are going to be speaking with legal department from the news station to see what our options are for the courts. I arrived home yesterday from work with my son with the car still parked there with our neighbor celebrating his 'success' in the segment with another neighbor...hoping to crush them in the courts...have a nice weekend all! I will keep you posted.


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@unoriginal26: also submitted to abc news, but who knows..... Good Luck!


Wow. You are really up against it. These appear to be the facts to this point:

1) Neighbor is parking a large vehicle in front of your house.
2) It blocks your view and (more to the point) blocks your mailbox.
3) Neighbor has been asked to move their vehicle, and they refuse.
4) Neghbor has even gone to a lawyer who says they have a right to park their, and will continue to do so.

Some more questions I have:
What do the HOA covenants say? Even though you can legally park on the street according to the city you may not be able to according to the HOA. When I lived in South Dade (still own the property) you were not allowed to park overnight on the street.

What about trash days? Is there some ordnance about parking then?

I have two suggestions:
1) Already mentioned take this up with the HOA. Maybe an amendment to the covenants, no overnight parking on street, no parking in front of mailboxes.



2) Go to court. You probably want to avoid this, but you may have no choice. The approach would be that by parking here all the time your neighbor is making a "public nusiance" and can be ordered to stop on that basis. You may have enough evidence to make that case. Sadly, being a complete douche bag is not a cause for legal relief.

3) Park your own car in front of your house so he can't. Better yet, park with just enough of your car in front of your house that he can't park behind you without going over into the next driveway. You may cover some of your own, but it is your driveway. Do it enough times and maybe they will find someplace else to go.


I had an issue almost exactly like this one. My neighbor next door owned a painting business and would park his trailer in front of our Mailboxes, so close that we stopped getting mail. Luckally our mailman (Laws be damned, would brin the mail up to our door, and let us know that he can't continue to hand deliver the mail)

I went to speak with him and all I got was threats. I came home early, and parked my truck in the spot to prevent him from parking there. I leave for work in the morning, so it would open up before the mail man got there.

He came over into my yard and threatened me about "his spot", so I contacted "Code enforcement". Luckally, it's illegal where I live to prevent mail from being delivered on a daily basis. With the help of our mail man, he was given a ticket and they towed his trailer. Not too long after, he was arrested, thrown in to jail for other issues, and the bank forclosed on their house.

New neighbors are very nice!


@j5: Take a closer look he is wearing a Mets shirt. The Mets copied the interlocking NY logo design from the Yankees. Similar but Mets is more rounded where the Yankees NY is more block letters. The guy seems like the typical Queens/Brooklyn scumbag that retires down to Florida. (To make it clear I am not saying everyone that lives in that area of NYC are scumbags but the ones who are act similar to that. Lawn chair in a driveway while garage full of crap that he will never use speaking in perfect vernacular "My lawyer told me not to talk to youes." All that is missing is the folding card table.)

This is why I believe people should be allowed to install parking meters in front of their own homes, would avoid this. I live on the boarder of 2 towns, 1 lets you park overnight the other does not. People leave cars for weeks at a time in front of my house and live 4-5 blocks away. In that case usually following them home walking my dog usually does the trick without saying a word.


@raider9924: LOL!
Yeah, I saw the Mets shirt. I was using "Yankee" in the southern pejorative sense, as opposed to the baseball pejorative sense ;)

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@j5: Gotta be careful with that, NY'ers do not like their team insulted and the fans mix as well as oil and water =).

I did enjoy the must be from Jersey crack.....seems like the type that went "down the shore" in the summer and makes those areas of the NJ shore into cesspools. Maybe the guy is from Staten Island, fits right in with the rest of the trash! (For non-locals 1/2 of Staten Island is land fills, where NYC sends it garbage so he fits right in!) NY'ers have no problem with Jersey being insulted.....just our favorite sports teams! lol.


@unoriginal26: We actually had a community newspaper pick it up and post on their website.. labeling him "Worst Neighbor in Coral Springs"...we also have a friend who reached our the mayor, vice mayor and commissioner dealing with the matter...thank you all for your help!


@raider9924: Yeah, sorry. Didn't mean to disparage anyone's sports team while I was disparaging all y'all friggin northerners

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@matthalbig: Let us know what ends up happening! If the HOA chases this person down and it goes far enough, it's important to keep in mind they have the power to foreclose on his house.

Considering what a stellar neighbor he is, that might be very important to keep in mind.


On one hand: The street belongs to everyone.

On the other hand: Parking on an empty street if front of someone else's house, all the time, is hostile.
Blocking someone's mail delivery should be something you could get a ticket for.

The neighbor is weird and his behavior is hostile.


UPDATE: Just wanted to give everyone an update to our story...

After the story aired, the neighbor threatened to sue us and the news station for slander. The station said they would would not retract the story but as a courtesy, took the story off their website. We have yet to be served with papers for a lawsuit so I believe that they were just trying to use scare tactics...Unfortunately no laws are being broken so there is nothing that can be done to make our neighbors stop parking in front of our house/mailbox. We tried working with the HOA and the city but to no avail. They are still parking in front. A solution that has been recommended by several people is for us to purchase a 3rd vehicle and park it in front of his house.

...continued on next post


We have a new baby and several expenses so we have set up this donation page to help us raise enough money to purchase a street legal vehicle, register it, and get tags/insurance. Thank you in advance for anything that you are able to give to help our cause!

The donation page can be found here:


@unoriginal26: I posted an update to the story, thanks for the support!


@adam113089: I posted an update, we're buying a clunker!


@rprebel: i posted an update on our car issue, thanks for the support!


I still think you should pursue legal counsel.

And then I think you should buy two clunkers - one to park in front of your place and one to park in front of his!


Just read the below article, thought back to this thread. If you still haven't seen any progress, maybe this is a solution you can pursue?