questionswhat is the best part of shark week?


I like the part with the sharks.


The silly shark related deals. :)


The feeding Frenzy!!!!! Blood in the water......


The slow-mo "breaches" are very cool to watch


the fact that shark week is universal. alot of times entertainment wont translate across cultures. Ever seen a german or japanese comedian? you'll want to punch yourself in the nuts. similarly, alot of American comedy doesn not translate at all to other cultures. But i can tell you this. you could roll a tv and a dvd player out to the middle of the amazon and find some random huter tribe, show them a clip, and get the same reaction you'd get from any other human being. hell, i wouldn't be surprised if the terrorist all stopped their evil doing to sit back and watch "air jaws" once a year


Discovery does a decent job of saving fresh good programs for shark week.