questionshave you tried the bing it on challenge?


I've tried it and got Google as my results too. Still, even if Microsoft's results were better, I'd prefer Google just because I like the company better than Microsoft.

New search engine is


I do not need to, when I use an end user's PC and search, I can tell when bing is being used, the results are all but unusable.

TO BE FAIR: I have been using google since Yahoo was #1 and you needed to look for your answer on yahoo in a long list of pRon. Google has trained me how to ask for what I want.


For me, the only thing that bing improves on google is searching for porn. Not kidding, it's actually better. Everything else gets googled.


I did some data mining on Twitter about Bing It On and found that Google won nearly 3:1:

Barry Schwartz also created a poll that yielded similar results.

Just saying :)


I haven't tried it yet because I see no need to. Microsoft is trying to flex their muscles in a closed gym.


I think their commercials are terrible. Microsoft only has the website listed at the end of the commercial, and all the Xboxes and "freebies" behind the people in the commercials looked "bribeish" (for lack of a better term).


I have always liked Google the most, but have used Swagbucks because of the rewards. Now I've converted to using Chrome with the Bingo extension. Now I can get the Google results and still get my Swagbucks rewards. I have also started earning the Bing rewards through it too.


Just for fun I took the challenge and picked google 4 out of 5 times. That being said I could tell the results... I google way too much.


Google, Bing took first round only