questionshow do you get a dog to pee where you want her to?


My dog is old and incontinent, so we leave a WeeWee pad in the bathroom. Sure, there's gonna be a piece of cotton/plastic covered in pee on the floor, but that's the best bet if she cant hold her bladder. Dogs magically decide these are ok to pee on.

Here's a 150 pack, but you may wish to start with less in case they don't work.
@STAFF: I'm posting the deal here because the submission form is being wonky


The dog has acclimated to being taken outdoors. He/she is not a puppy in training. I do it myself, so I can tell you to get up off the couch and take the animal outside. It will be good for both of you - and will cause much less confusion and stress for the dog.


@abramokids: Thanks. I've always wondered if those pads really work. It just amazes me that something as simple as a scent would make a once taboo spot okay to pee on.


@thewronggrape: i've seen stuff like this for sale before (link below). they come in different sizes too. i always said if i had a dog where i live now, i'd put this on my balcony for times like that or midday pee breaks with a doggie door installed

the actual link is dead, but the deal post describes what it is. this patch requires upkeep though, you'd have to drain the pee as needed

or you could try keeping a robe and slippers by the door for quick dressing that is legal enough to not be arrested


here was another deal, also now dead. but gives you an estimate on deal price vs regular price.

i think amazon has this regular price at $25 w/ free shipping.


take your dog for a walk. he's old. you'll be old one day too and everyone's going to think you pee to much and put a diaper on you. then your kids will never visit you, you'll eat some sour pap three meals a day until you die alone, staring out a filthy window at a sky scorched and polluted by man's industry, an industry too focused on sucking the world dry to make time to walk you to the toilet.


Thanks to those with helpful suggestions. At that time of night, neither Penny or I want a walk, especially since she has to deal with stairs. She just wants to pee.

When I got her at 3, she had been trained to pee/poop as soon as she was outside and then turn back in. Poor baby never had a proper walk. My other dog is a squirter/marker but Penny just lets it all out in one big puddle.

In another apartment, she surprised me when she nonchalantly used the balcony. Because we were on the 2nd floor w/ an open bottom, I quickly rushed to clean it up before any dripped down to my neighbor below. After seeing me do this for a few weeks, she suddenly stopped. I just want her to know that if she ever needs to, there's an easy, safe spot for her to use whenever she wants (1st fl, no opening now). I will check out the pads. My friend suggested just buying a square turf of grass from Home Depot. I wonder if that'll work.


@thewronggrape: Oddly enough, my dog's name is Penny, and she will ONLY pee on our balcony. This is not a joke, but I do find it hilarious.

We live in an apartment and she never figured out that peeing outside is the correct thing to do, and we've tried EVERYTHING (she has never gone while she's on a leash). The only success we had was getting her to use the balcony as her restroom, and now that's the only place she'll go. She's still less than a year old, after our lease is up we're buying a house, so she'll get to learn with a yard.


Tasers will solve just about any problem, dogs or otherwise.


I'd take a more mechanical approach to getting my dog to pee where I want by using a series of tubes and elbows so he can walk and pace freely to determine where he wants to go but, I DIRECT THE FLOW! WIN! WIN!


Take something the dog already pee'd on and put in the spot where you want the dog to pee.

If that doesn't work, I agree with the taser approach.


@thewronggrape: I'd say just go for the brass ring and buy the fancy pee-turf device. If you grab some standard turf from the Depot, you'll have to clean it up constantly and you'll end up wishing you had the fancy doo-dad. I think that thing's probably easier to that I mention it, I have no idea..


if you're just going to get a grass patch, then depending on how much pee Penny does, it may get smelly or leak beyond the patch. you could try 2 patches of grass on top of each other or one patch on some dirt.
if you want to create your own fancy system like those that are sold, you'd need the grass patch to be on top of a platform with slits.
you COULD create something like this, depending on how much time vs money you have and what the problem will be once she starts using it

if you're having to retrain her to be OK with peeing on the balcony, keep some treats handy for the late nights. or take both dogs out to the patch late at night so Penny sees the other using it.

hope it works...


So I got Penny a WeeWee pad. I put it on the balcony last night around the time when she starts whining that she has to pee. She didn't use it. Got up and took her out as usual. This morning before leaving for work I put it in the middle of our living room floor to see maybe if she'll pee on it at some point because it's suppose to be irresistible to dogs or whatever.

She used it alright!



@thewronggrape: Try moving it closer and closer to where you would like her to go and hopefully she will follow it.


@scjeff: Heh, by "use it" I meant that she slept on it. I put it in that spot because once in a great while she will pee in the middle of our living room. Because the WeeWee pad was in the way, she peed on our rug in the hall instead. :-\


Pee outside yourself, set a good example.