questionsshould i use insurance or go through the builder…


I thought most if not all new home warranties were for one or two years. Also not sure they would cover storm damage, just problems with the quality of materials and the installation of same. I'd call the insurance people ASAP. The most important thing is preventing further damage. Also, there is probably more damage than you can see from the ground or have noticed so far. You need a claims adjuster and a roofer looking at it.


Try going through the builder first. If they give you trouble, talk to your insurance and use a different builder. Good luck getting it repaired.


no real world experience with this
@okham: I can not imagine the builder not bulking a little.

I just had my roof done. I did some research debating whether if I should install the roof myself. I opted to let him install it, and when I asked specific question like the number of nails, he told me he used more the the maximum my research told me to use. He sounded very proud of this and mentioned the warranty of the shingles.
My point is if the builder put the minimum nails in, then you will always have this problem and the builder needs to have his feet put to the fire now.


Who ever fixes the roof you need to let your insurance company know NOW. Inform them that you are trying to get the builder to honor his warrenty first and that you're just making them aware of it. If you wait a few weeks or days to tell them they could only pay part of the cost or worse deny your claim. Take pictures, document everything. You may even ask them to go ahead and send out an adjuster. They will be happy you let them know and will be more than happy to give you the time you need to contact the builder so they don't have to pay for it.


Agree that wind-storm + warranty = Good question. I'd read the fine print of the warranty, and see if wind damage is explicitly covered or excluded. There's no wiggle room or memory issues if it's spelled out in the warranty.

Is this something common to your neck of the woods? Did this happen to any of your neighbors? What are they doing?

Make sure you take pictures, and get it covered with something quickly, so as to prevent more damage. Save the shingles that got blown off.

Someone else had a good point - how many nails did they use? Not sure where you live, code, etc., but I always used 4 nails for a 3-tab shingle, including on my parent's house. Never had a problem. Presumably, if the builder used fewer than called for, you'd have a case for holding him liable. Same if the nails are not the correct length, etc.

If it was just wind lifting off shingles, don't expect there's much damage, ought to be an easy fix.

I'm a programmer, not a builder.


First, I agree with the commenters that opined the builder's warranty would not cover this. Most new home warranties are only for one year, and then only to cover things that break (light switches, plumbing) and defects in workmanship. The builder would not, for instance, replace the garage door after you mistakenly drove through it.

In this case there was a clear cause for the damage (windstorm), and improper installation is not likely to be the cause, even if the warranty were still in effect. Call your homeowner's insurer. Like right [delete explitive]ing now. Since the shingles came off during a windstorm there is a good bet that there is damage that you can't see or appreciate. This is likely to be expensive. And unless you are a roofer, don't even think about trying to repair it yourself. There may be damage to the roof structure, maybe even the joists, maybe the gutters and flashing. Get an adjuster out ASAP, then get 2 or 3 estimates.


You can always notify the insurance company that you have the claim.
Then have a roofer LOOK at it and give you an estimate.
If it's only a few hundred dollars over your deductible, you'd be better off handling it yourself.
If it seems like it would be a lot more, go ahead and have the adjuster come over and look everything over, and pursue the claim.


Also, don't be afraid to involve the shingle manufacturer. Insist that they also send someone out to look to see if it's a case of defective materials (does happen from time to time) or if they were not installed in accordance with their proper installation procedures. It's not only the quantity of nails used (btw, 6 is code in some areas!), it's also the placement of the nails. Stress to them, if this is the case, that this is a new community and you're concerned that the problem may exist on other homes within the community. This will likely get faster action.

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I deal with these issues daily as part of my job. The manufacturer will either send out one of its own employees or a roofer who is approved by the manufacturer. Either is fine. Do not take no for an answer from the manufacturer! Insist that they look at your roof and they will. In many cases, whatever the cause of the problem, the manufacturer will supply the materials to make it right, free of charge or at a reduced rate to rebuild faith.

Whomever makes the repairs, before they start, ask them for a current letter from the shingle manufacturer, stating that they are an approved roofing contractor. Good Luck!


One last thing, if you know who the shingle manufacturer is, let me know. I have some pull with most of the larger ones and I may be able to help. If so, I'll let you know and we can further communicate by PM.


I would start with the builder, but would expect to hit my insurance. Start now before the next storm.


@75grandville: My guy used 6 nails for 3 tab. When my neighbors lost shingles, I did not.
My roofer rocks. I am not sure how this is not the roofer's/contractor's fault. My guy could have went cheap with the material.

At the end of the day for the OP, it is about what is in writing.


Awesome feedback, thank you all. I talked to the agent at the model home (right down the street) and he gave me a link to fill out a form with the builder (done and waiting for a response).

I like the idea of contacting my insurance to give them a heads up, and to get a claims agent on site to check things out.

As for the manufacturer of the shingles, I don't know yet, but will start asking.

I've only seen damage on my roof, though several neighbors had fences fall over and a few even lost trees. The entire subdivision is only 5 years old.

Will post up more info as I go through the process. Thanks again for the ideas and info.


Builder said not covered - not shocked. But they did give me the number to the roofing company that did the original work.

Called the roofing company and they are going to send a guy out to check the damage. Didn't say anything else yet -- wait and see I guess.

I hope it doesn't rain.


I agree with everyone who suggested you contact the insurance company. If you have coverage to take care of it, they will go after whomever would be responsible for repairing the roof if warranteed against that damage.


Roofing company came out and fixed it for $50. Seems like a win.