questionswhat brand(s) of hot tubs do you own/prefer?


We own the Marquis Spas "The Promise" and love it. It's installed on a screen-enclosed deck with a master bedroom door opening right to it.


Just make sure it doesn't play any Cee Lo Green. Those things are dangerous.


I inherited (from previous owners of the property) and Island Spa. It's fine, but I probably would have spent a bit more and gotten a better model.

Before you splurge, think about the initial investment and the maintenance. They require a good bit of weekly maintenance, and more on a periodic basis. They also will suck energy, and remember that if this on on a deck that the deck will have to be built to support the (fairly hefty) weight of all that water.


We have a SunDance Marin about 10 years old. Yes, the maintenance is a bit of a drag; we drain and clean about twice a year, and use the chemicals weekly. Did have to reinforce the deck as @wilfbrim noted. The novelty wears off after a while, and I bet most people don't use it as much after the first year or so.

That being said, it is wonderful therapy for arthritic joints; feels fantastic to climb in on a summer night under the moon or early in the morning to watch the sunrise.The cost to maintain hasn't been too bad, we have had very few mechanical issues which required service calls.


why do you fight them off? why don't you embrace them and eventually welcome them into the hot tub with you? they love table scraps.


@kschom: I used to embrace them until they started to invite their own friends to my parties. Trust me: the worst strangers to crash your party are wolves and bears...