questionsenough with the crabs!


Someone's feeling a little ...

Nah, too easy.


also, I don't get it... :(

Can someone link to the comment where I'm sure this all began?


@perkalicious11: I'd say it just escalated far beyond what anyone might have expected (and my two favorite responses from TPTB are changing the picture on the screen for the deal on Sellout, and @thefenst for posting a deal for crabby dirt seasoning). I believe that the initial boom that caused the avalanche was from:

To my knowledge, this is the beginning of the explosion.



@shrdlu: huh. Kinda helps. I at least feel better that you're really not sure where it started either. ;)

I saw the Giant Pink Crab costume, and the @crabnebula least the existence of said account.

Maybe we're all just addictive personalities and everybody seemed to latch onto this all at once? haha


I agree with OP! My RSS feed is clogged with "deals" that aren't deals that are being added just because they have a crab. Ugh I thought this was a DEALS site!


@shrdlu: I have this enlightened feeling. Couldn't see the desert through the sand. :)


@perkalicious11: it's not that we don't know where. It's more a case of which thing opened the crab floodgates. Perfect storm so to speak.


And woot is not helping by having one of their sellout deals (32" TV) have crabs on the screen...You're Killing Me Smalls!


@kvellano: aww, I thought that was kinda funny... :)
also, great movie. The SAND lot! PERFECT!