questionswould you fire your cleaning service if this…


I would chalk it up to coincidence unless it happens again.


Nothing, since you cannot (yet) be sure of what the problem is.

If you do find something out, I'd take it up with the management.


I agree with @mtm2: but I wonder did you have the same people cleaning?


@caffeine_dude: I don't know who exactly was here. They have several ppl that they send here and they didn't leave a comment card with their name on it this time.


I think I've got to agree with the first two answers above: you need more info so that you don't jump to the incorrect conclusion.

I'm glad that Henry is (or will be) ok.


Did the cat get sick while you were out or after you came home? I fired a cleaning service that would not clean up if the cat vomited on the hardwoods while I was away because it would always leave a white spot. At first I tried to be so darned polite like "I know you did not notice it but Gray upchucked in a few places in the living room, etc. and I like to clean that up right away" and the reply was that they did not clean up after any animals. So in a polite, non-confrontational way, I told them that I really needed to have someone who could do that, and we agreed to part ways. I am glad that your cat is feeling better, but it would be interesting to know if kitty got sick while they were there and they just left it.


I am a veterinarian, and frankly, most cats vomit several times a week as a normal course of events. Issues can be minimized by using hairball supplements, but barfing is part of cat digestion. You are not clear as to the nature of your cat's illness, perhaps it was not vomitting. I don't see why you would fire your cleaning service since they haven't tried to kill your cat before in two years.


@nortonsark: Thank you for being a voice of reason. Have owned (been owned by) 8 cats all at the same time. Cats vomit or 'hair ball.' Nothing unusual there.


@nortonsark: I have had lots of cats in my life and maybe I was lucky, but I never had any barfers. Certainly not something they did almost daily! My current cat has started throwing up maybe twice a month in the last year or so, but she is 17 years old now. When I remember to give her hairball remedy a couple times a month, she doesn't throw up at all.


wow, that's some concrete evidence that the cleaning staff tried to poison your cat.

I got into a car wreck just hours after my cleaners left, I guess they must have tampered with my brakes...


You're right, I was not more specific about the nature of his illness. I was trying to not be gross.

It was not vomit, it was explosive diarrhea. I don't know if it happened before the cleaner got there, that's a good question to ask when I talk with them Monday. The sudden onset with no diet change leads me to believe something happened Friday afternoon to bring on this episode. Maybe he ate a spider, I don't know.

@kami: not helpful, and not particularly creative either. Troll harder.


This wasn't part of the question per se, but as a general comment I think I'd be inclined to crate my cat on the day cleaners are scheduled. Security and safety for kitty, reduction of possible annoyance/concern on the part of the cleaners.

On the other hand, if this is the first problem you've had in two years, it sounds as if it's simply a coincidence.