questionsi have a dyson i bought through woot. it stopped…


The warranty is generally direct through Dyson and the standard length is 6 months on refurbished units. I had something happen to mine within the first 6 months and the Dyson folks were great to work with. So, my suggestion would be to contact Dyson and they should be able to help you out.


And if they give you any problems, please feel free to contact (Dyson is really great though, as noted above.)


Why are there so many refurbed Dysons?


@jsimsace: Part of me would love to just say "Because they are crap." But, you know, I can't confirm or deny that.

I think it has to do with how many they sell and they do sell a lot of them.

And, not necessarily right on topic, but now there is a very specific refurb market. I don't know when it exactly started, but there are now people who try to avoid buying new and look for refurbs. And thank you for giving me an idea for a question!


@jsimsace: Best answer is because they are relatively expensive. Any good that is bought and returned in an opened box cannot be sold as "new". The best bet is that there are plenty of clueless husbands who think that buying their wife an expensive new Dyson for their birthday is a good idea.


@wilfbrim: "Clueless husbands": please google "dual bag" and watch the You Tube video. I'll never give my DW a vacuum for any kind of present after watching that.


Not only DH's but just stupid people in general. A few years back I got a hotel model Oreck that the woman used once and complained it didn't work anymore, so she put it on Yahoo's Freecycle. I had used Oreck's as a hotel housekeeper and they are one powerful sucking machine. So, I went and picked it up. Took me about 15 minutes with a set of long BBQ tongs to pull the dog fur she had clogged the hose with out and that baby was good as new. She paid over $800 for that machine and it's accessories. It was well worth the ride across town and the 15 minutes I spent.

I don't know where common sense has gone, but when you suck up furballs the size of watermelons, gee, ya just might clog up the vacuum hose, ya think???