questionshave you ever fallen asleep at work ?


I have not yet, but at my new job it's a near miss most mornings. Waking up at 0430 is not my favorite thing in the world.


as the replacement donut girl, i got use to hearing stories of my predesessor. then one day i was told how she use to sleep work. she would load the doughnuts into the fryer and would stand there watching them cook and fall asleep while standing there. they would come out on their own but she didn't see them. one day they finally were able to prove it by getting several managers to watch her doing it. after that i was able to recall talking to her a couple times when i asked, "hey, you know your donuts are falling everywhere?" loudly. she startled awake, but still.

i don't get why people think that they should be allowed to sleep while on the company payroll.


all the time, it's awesome!


I have, but let me explain.

There have been times where I needed to be at work for (I know, I know) 3-4 days. The building had showers in the downstairs ladies room, and I had a huge (and very ugly) chair in my office. I'm not very big, and I could curl up in it for cat naps. So, yes, I've fallen asleep at work. Probably not what you meant, of course.

I miss that chair.

I've had friends who nodded off at work. It's very painful when your forehead hits the keyboard, though...and the scars are fearsome.


Back when my employer first started the work from home positions, I did.

We had a 1 year old at the time and he had was on a really funky sleep schedule so my wife and I rarely slept a full night. One night on my break, I decided to put him to bed early and happened to fall asleep next to him. I ended up getting logged back in a couple of hours later to a barrage of questions from my supervisor about my where-abouts for the past couple of hours. I just told them what happened, and to bill me some sick time for the time. All was well, but I was still in panic mode. It's a scary feeling, honestly.


My friend went in to a gas station once and the guy was asleep. Couldn't wake him up, so he helped himself to what he needed and left some money on the counter.


I've had a few near misses, but so far I've stayed awake. @gideonfrost: No more dispatch? Were you caught wooting on the job? :)


Years ago I was having some home problems and couldn't sleep at my house very well. So, I would nap at work during my lunch break and 15 minute breaks. I never over-slept. I have some sort of internal clock that wakes me exactly when I want to wake up. However, I would also doze while working. It was a data entry job where I was crediting accounts for damaged/defective goods. I would look at my paperwork to figure out what account to credit, how much and why. Then I would close my eyes, and doze as my fingers automatically typed what I had seen. Then I'd wake up, turn the page and repeat.
I did this every day for a few weeks until I was able to sleep at home again. I only made one major mistake, I credited Sam's Club $150,000 instead of $150. But of course that was so obvious that we caught it right away and I didn't even get in trouble because my error rate was so low. :D


Yes. I work at a datacenter and there are a number of places that we go for our power naps. Some of the best spots are under the raised floor. We have a fast internet connection there and a coax for tv. The best part is that we keep the data center at 66 degrees and dark. Don't even need a fridge.. :) Also, I can take my phone there in case I get a call


Yup. I'd position my chair so it looked like I was looking at the computer. Prop a book between me and the desk so it looked like I was reading as well. Then snooze for about 5 minutes. Thankfully, I never fell out of the chair.

Google power nap work and print your favorite article to have at the ready.


I work night desk for a small hotel. I have the approval of the boss to nap while on the clock, provided I get all my paperwork done, and wake up when someone rings the bell. As a result, I usually get about an hour, though usually as fifteen minute dozes.

I miss the comfy chair we used to have, though.. that was like sleeping on a cloud.


At my last job, I would occasionally sign out the family room if no one had a family client that hour. Why? The family room was the only room in the clinic with a couch. :) (Plus, students wouldn't interrupt me if the schedule book made it look like I was seeing clients, while they'd knock on my office door no matter what! I loved my students and miss that job quite a bit, but I was in the clinic 80+ hours a week and I would have collapsed without a midday break.) Current job, I share an office and I still haven't found a good place to nap in my building or any of the nearby buildings.


@moosezilla: Ok thats how we end up with body parts in food just saying ...

@capguncowboy - Shortly after said story we also started a work from home program that nearly got tanked because of quite a few people sleeping on the job during the swing shifts.

It was interesting to say the least though to their credit you could sleep if you were in the office at 2AM because people could see you but not while working at home


When I was working in a call center during college we were running full time work hours with full time school while the wife was pregnant so needless to say I was pretty tired all of the time. We had a breakroom with a nice little couch in it so during my lunch I would clock out and goto sleep on this couch in the dark.

This couch had been known to be used for fraternization between co-workers in the past (there was always much debate about what level of fraternization went on) but needless to say if their was a rule it was probably for a reason.

Anyway I’m sleeping away on the couch and this couple comes in to use the couch and not seeing me or realizing I was their sleeping sat down on top of me ... Scared the crap out of them and me almost if I hadn’t have woken up from their noise ....

Needless to say people realized they meant the rule about the couch and management was always happy for me to nap on the couch to help enforce the rule.


I know that Woot staff like @shawnmiller have slept at work -- but that was because they were here for more than 24 hours. :)


No sir, boss. I've never slept at work, nope never.

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I've almost fallen asleep at work a few times, but I haven't yet. Thankfully.