questionsdo you hang your clothes outside to dry or do you…


@rprebel: Would you mind telling me why?


Dryer - always, and my reason is just because.

Primarily because it's faster and I think better.


Almost all my shirts, I line dry indoors. Zero energy costs FTW.

No doubt that dryers are definitely more convenient, but the heat and tumbling definitely adds wear. Dryer lint has to come from somewhere, y'know, and that's the fibers wearing off the fabric.


I dry heavy cotton clothing (like jeans, sweatshirts, etc.) in the dryer.

I hang dry synthetic fibers and dress shirts. It's just a matter of practicality. Some things will just be too wet for too long to dry on a rack.


I hang my stuff to dry, weather permitting. Once dry, I toss for a few moments to fluff and soften.


All shirts bought from Woot, Ript Apparel, and ThinkGeek are hung up to dry so they don't shrink. All other shirts and clothes are popped into the dryer because I like them to dry fast and feel the warmth of them when they come out.


seriously? People still hang clothes OUTSIDE? In the dust, dirt, smog, and bugs?


Dryer. Houston's humidity hovers around 95% most of the time and our pollen is insane. Both pretty much discourage line drying.


@narfcake: So true about the dryer lint! My point exactly!

We have a front loading washer, so the clothes come out almost dry to begin with. My clothes and the kids' clothes are hung on racks. Sometimes I take the racks outside, but not usually. Dryers cause too much shrinkage and wear on the clothes. I tumble the towels for about 5 minutes just to fluff them a little, then hang them to finish drying.

My husband's clothes go in the dryer, since he doesn't care about them.


Yes, both. I have an indoor rack and if I had an outside line I would use that as well.


Both. There's nothing like line-dried sheets, so fresh and crisp. And there's nothing like a warm, fresh-out-of-the-dryer fluffy towel. But baby clothes are way to small to hang up, plus I'd spend all of my waking hours at the clothes line because the little guy can go through some clothes between spit-up, blow-outs, and just random happenings. I definitely line dry much more in the warmer months, but am glad to have the dryer as an option. I also hang dry indoor synthetics and some dress shirts. It makes sense to me, just pop them on the hanger and a day later they are ready to get transferred to the closet. And that way, I don't forget about them, leave them in the dryer only to have them get wrinkly and then having to run it more than needed.


really bad neighborhood. i use the dryer and pump the vent inside all winter for warm (wet lint trap). wouldn't do outside unless i lived outside city limits. don't need the neighbors seeing what kind of undies i have.


I hang dry most of my shirts, and some of my sleepwear, but not outside-- inside, on a rack. Mostly to avoid stuff shrinking.


I hanger dry my shirts in my basement. I got annoyed by my shirts shrinking every time I put them in the dryer so have been hanger drying since I was in high school. My other laundry I usually put in the dryer.


As is typical here, we have no dryer as there really is no space. Luckily the weather does not get below freezing in the winter often. I have a nice space on the veranda to hang things, good exposure to the sunlight, nice ocean breezes, and being 7 stories up, no worries for panty thieves.

It is a pain when it rains or it is in the 30sF, but I like that our clothes look newer longer and do not shrink, not to mention the energy savings (for our personal budget & not b/c of the predicted energy shortage this coming summer, but that is another topic). Sometimes it would be nice to have a warm towel or be able to dry the clothes overnight without worry of them being blown away.