questionswhat's your favorite obscure kids toy from when…


girder and panel.

stretch armstrong...
I got stretch and the lizard-man guy one christmas.

Always wanted a Honda kick-n-go scooter too

one of my all-time favorites was the death star for your action figures with exploding laser cannon and working elevator, trash compactor, and the luke/leia canyon swing. Friggin awesome, and my friends loved coming over to play with it


sorry, link for death star:

One kid next door had the millennium falcon, and the kid across the street had an xwing, and I had the land speeder and the tie fighter with exploding panels. We could go an entire saturday just playing with star wars action figs and toys.

Yeah, I know the star wars stuff isn't "obscure", but it had to be mentioned.


My parents bought us a saddle at a garage sale and fastened it to the crossbar of our swingset. I rode that fantasy horse to many an adventure. My kid brother had a Stretch Armstrong. He got in a fight with some kids on our street and they stole it, mutilated it, and left the gory remains stretched out over our front porch. It was filled with this red jelly that had oozed out of the wounds that my mom could never get completely cleaned up. That butchered Stretch Armstrong was the most hilarious and sinister death threat I have ever seen.


Freakin kids.
I had the Fireball XL5 rocket ship.


Anyone else love the He-Man toy line growing up, from the "action damage" and "kung-fu grip" versions, to the hugely awesome Castle Greyskull set with mic?

We fought over who got to talk into the mic on a regular basis, to the point where we broke it.


Seriously, why doesn't that exist today?


Don't know about obscure, but I had Big Jim and accessories as a kid. I think my parents may still have them somewhere...


Oh and one more thing I've never been able to find (you guys are resourceful!):
Giant tinker toys. The ”green sticks” were around 3 feet long, and the hubs were 6” dia.

I hooked them up to the exercise bike to make a pedal-powered helicopter, etc (too bad fire the wall that the hub wouldn't hold green pegs in above 30 rpm!)


This stuff:

These (launched from the top of the giant metal death slides of my childhood playgrounds):

And a Care Bears play-doh set with bear molds and molds for the tummy symbols. My mom "helped" me bake and paint my own bear figurines.


remember those little scale model working steam engines that were available at toy stores until the 80's?
my friend had one that was attached to a 2x6 table in the garage, and belts would go from the steam engine to little scaled down power tools.... drill press, band saw, lathe, table saw, etc. We used to cut up popsicle sticks on the little table saw. That steam engine was dangerous but we loved it.

I also got this one birthday in the 70's:
(Tin Can Alley)


That one toy where there was a spinning disc with magnetic ends that attached to two curved metal rods held together by a handle.

I don't know if it has a name.


The VerTbird:

I loved that thing (when my dad wasn't playing with it)


I got a Nickelodeon slime gun when I was a kid for Christmas. Apparently it was promptly confiscated because it made way too much mess for my mom to ignore.