questionswhy was my santa's sack of crap delayed by…


I have no idea but I'm going to upvote this because you asked in a clever way.


I just tried to check the status on mine and now the FedEx site is suddenly saying, "Not Tracked - Sorry, we are unable to process your tracking request. Please retry later, or contact Customer Service."


Because it's misnamed. It's not Smart, it's Pathetic.


Woot uses a snail as the Smartpost icon for a very good reason.

edit: Too bad we don't have "Quality Posts" over here, or I'd nominate this question for one in appreciation of the poetic asking.


@durkzilla and @inkycatz: Thanks for the replies! I'd hoped to be somewhat amusing in a frustrating situation :)


Looks like my delivery was pushed back 2 days. It seems to be hitting the slopes while taking a break in Denver.


@matt1976: Mine's in Martinsburg, WV. I could have a relative down that way go GET IT FOR ME! Save FedEx the trouble of delivering it all the way to MA. Geesh.

So if everyone's delivery has been pushed back for days, what is going on?


Mine originally said it would arrive on the 5th then it was bumped to the 7th and now it says the 6th except the tracking shows that it has now left the local SmartPost facility which, based on past experience, means that it will be delivered tomorrow so it will be right on time based on the original estimate.


Mine is still awaiting Santa's morbid selection of who gets crap and who gets 503's... I lost again.