questionschallenge: heated / massaging lumbar support for…


You didn't give a price range, but I found this for under 200.00. Considering I pay much more than that for my executive chairs with out heating and massage I thought this was a good price.


I can't find out if it is online only. Buying a whole new chair, I'd definitely want to sit in it first, but then again that's part of the problem with my... problem. The price isn't bad, but I'm wondering if I might not just be better off investing in a nicer chair and sticking with the heating pad when necessary.

Not that it would take much. I'm currently using a $60 chair from Ikea, certainly not something designed for all-day sitting. I may wind up searching / making a new challenge for a good price on an office-approved chair. Ikea's most expensive is $349, so maybe it would be best to look for one between that and a Steelcase Leap rather than continuing to slap on "improvements" to the one I have.


@hobbit: Perfect. At the very least, it will make things look a bit nicer than my rolled up towel!


@apfrehm: happy to help. If you lived in NC I would tell you all about my favorite chairmaker. I love their chairs, they are practically custom made.