questionsso, is the new van halen album worth buying?


I grew up listening to and watching Van Halen at backyard parties before their record deal. I haven't heard any of the new album played yet so that makes me wonder if it is another bomb like the last one. I would like to be wrong and hear some good tunes.


@aksman44: I was poking around, and realized that I could sign up for a Rhapsody free trial, listen, and decide for myself.

I'm about halfway through. My conclusion is: I can listen to it free for a week (which is about when I'd get tired of it anyway), then wait for it to go on Amazon's $5 MP3 album list.

It's nice to hear David's singing with Eddie's guitar again.


I've heard the new release "Tattoo"; while it SOUNDS like VH, not certain if I care for it much.

Guess we'll see.


I don't pay for music any more. After being a professional DJ who spent a minimum of $150 per month for over a decade, and then had 400 CDs stolen which I had to replace out of pocket in 2001, I feel the music industry has already gotten more than enough of my money. I will pay for a good live show, though, and buy some merchandise at that show.

Anyway, as a big van halen fan, I plan on listening to the whole album in one sitting, something I haven't actually done in ages.

edit: fort anyone interested, here's the video for the recent release, "Tattoo"

edit2: David Lee Roth looks wrong with short hair.


Cool and the Gang is going to be on the same ticket as Van Halen here. There is a drawing to win tickets.
I saw them years ago with the original line up, great show.


kool and the gang are cool and all, but really? with van halen?