questionshow many bottles did you have for your child(s)?


I'm sad to hear that you're going the bottle feeding route, but to each his own. On the other hand...

Congratulations on your upcoming event!


My wife and I had about 4 for each of our 3 kids. We got the Playtex Drop-ins bottles so it would make them easier to clean afterwards.

A couple of things to consider despite how many bottles you go with...

Be sure to get a sterilyzer for your microwave. You should be sterilyzing the nipples and rings at least once a week. The microwave ones are not very costly but are extremely useful. There are also dishwasher baskets that make it easier to wash them on a regular basis. They're sold at just about every baby aisle I've ever been into.

Congratulations on your little one


@shrdlu: Not everyone can breastfeed. My wife tried very, very hard, including taking supplements and multiple appointments with a "breastfeeding specialist". She just could not produce enough goods.

What we ended up doing was she would pump for about 20 minutes every few hours. By doing that cumulatively, she would produce maybe 4-5 ounces a day, tops. We would then feed that to the baby, supplemented with formula for the remaining feedings (or mixed with as he got older and needed more even for a single feeding). The doctors agreed this was better than nothing and worth the effort.

Please don't be so judgmental - not everyone using a bottle is doing it for convenience.


@tsfisch - I completely agree. Breastfeeding can be an enormous struggle for many women!

I also agree with @capguncowboy. We used the drop-in bottles also. They worked well for keeping out air and were super easy to clean! The dishwasher baskets are extremely convenient for cleaning nipples and rings.

We had 5 or 6 bottles on hand with each kid.


@tsfisch: Not meaning to be judgmental, and sorry to hear that your wife had a difficult time. I'm always surprised at the number of people who have problems with this in our modern day. I always wonder what changed, since it was an unusual (but not unheard of) problem in earlier times. I applaud the determination of both you and your wife to do this.

I often advise new parents (of my acquaintance, in real life) to do it for just the first few days, even if ultimately it is not successful, for the enormous health benefits it brings to the child. We used to save the milk from the cow when she came fresh, and freeze it, to give to bummer lambs, because otherwise, they died.

Bummer lambs are those rejected by the mother, usually because they are one of a set of twins. If they don't manage to nurse in that first day, no matter what, they die. Human babies are (thank goodness) not this sensitive, but the benefits are still very good.



I'd say your wife did breastfeed but had to use supplements much earlier than most.


I have nothing of value to add, but I can sneak in a 'grats'. :)


Sometimes I HATE the fracking editor here. (I just lost a nice long post because I hadn't realized that it took so long to add it with an edit.) Anyways...

My first daughter took a bottle easily and switched between breast and bottle without problem. My (now ex-)wife did the day feedings and pumped milk into Playtex liners (Drop Ins, I think? They are basically plastic bags), which we refridgerated or froze. I did the night feedings so my exwife could get a decent night's sleep (I tend to cat nap anyway). We had three or so of the liner holders and maybe four regular bottles, mostly used later with juice and/or water.

My second daughter would not take a bottle most of the time (we tried many difference types of nipples) so my ex-wife got much less sleep the second time around and I found it very frustrating not being able to help out as much.

One last thing: don't buy more than one or two bottles (nipples, really) until you know that your kid will take them.

And congrats!


@shrdlu: Regarding being judgmental or not, you said:

'I'm sad to hear that you're going the bottle feeding route, but to each his own. '

The OP said nothing about breastfeeding or not. They simply asked about bottles. We used plenty of bottles in our quest to breastfeed to the best of my wife's ability. Hurtful comments like this did nothing for my wife's self esteem at the time...



We are actually planning to breastfeed, but we are going to do the breast pump and all and eventually lean off breastfeeding as my wife just isnt sure how long she would be able to do it since she has very sensitive nipples. So we are going to go ahead and get some bottles.

Thanks everyone for the congrats! Were super excited.