questionswhat's an inexpensive way to record acoustic…


I don't have an answer, but if anyone does give an answer please be sure to give an answer that helps get rid of that awful scraping noise when guitarists slide their fingers up and down the neck in between notes. I hate that noise more than nails on a chalkboard.


Is the guitar acoustic or electric acoustic?

Your best bet would be a USB mic into Audacity, which is a free program. MXL puts out decent quality mics for reasonable prices, but do realize that the less you pay, the lower your sound quality is probably going to be.

Another alternative is a regular mic and a MIDI set up, but if you've got nothing, you'll be paying more for a MIDI setup that isn't crap (I've heard terrible things about the cheaper ones) and you'll notice the shortcomings of a cheap mic pretty quick.

If you can budget like $100, you should be able to get a decent MXL condenser mic and a screen for it, which would prevent it from getting damaged.


@thedogma: It's regular acoustic. Yeah mic+Audacity was the first thing I tried. Unfortunately the mic needed to be really close in order to pick up much, even with all the input volume settings at full. Amplifying in software produced some atrocious artifacts. I'm sure a better mic would sound better (this was the mic that came with Rock Band, after all), but I like the idea of the pickup since it's at a fixed position and doesn't get in the way.


@scmtim: I like the sound in a song, it adds depth, if done correctly.


A musician buddy of mine suggested a Tascam Digital Recorder when I needed a recording option. Found one discounted to the $100 range on Musician's Friend. I like that it's portable.


@gluonconcerto: A better mic in the right position would definitely help. Even with a mic stand, the RB mic isn't going to come anywhere close to cutting it.

You might also want to look into an acoustic pick up. I'm not sure how much they run, but that could be a way to get your guitar (more or less) straight into the computer.