questionsnow that the apple tv supports true 1080p will…


Nope. Already have a computer, PS3 (w/ PlayOn), tablet, and embedded TV apps which can all stream from assorted sources to the TV. No need for yet another box in the entertainment center.

Plus our house is iTunes free, so unless the AppleTV can be easily run independent of the Apple ecosystem it definitely won't find any use here.



HuluPlus not supported on AppleTV, which makes a difference if you have a Hulu subscription.

WD TV Live (or Live Plus) is a much better alternative, in my opinion. Very comparable to (and in some cases better than) Roku.


With apple why do we pay so much for technology even though it is "outdated" once it hits the store shelf. All other tech products naturally come down in price when newer faster items replace it,,,, except apple. No I won't ever buy their products due to the company which mandates it's pricing, not the market.


Not likely. I'm not keen on having to use Apple as my streaming medium store of choice, and I don't like having to bastardize my DVDs/Blu-Ray movies in order to make them work on Apple TV.

Instead I use my xBox and MyMovies after ripping/stripping out the copy protection on my rather large collection of movies. I can watch the full disc, including extras, without issue this way.


Roku is it when it comes to streaming media boxes. My TV stand is already pretty cluttered, and I come from an Apple-free home.


Before checking out really what the AirPlay feature was about (and also whether it was available on other devices) I snapped one up from the local Apple Store. Only does Netflix and have some reasonably priced TV content like once a week sales for entire Seasons under $20 (on various programming), but the purchases could probably have just as easily have been made under itunes. AirPlay will either mirror the entire screen or just output the video, but some content has restrictions and will not play through an HDMI output.

I had the software for Slingbox so I'd made a hard connection to the Apple TV and thought I could mirror the iPad and watch DVRd shows in the Kitchen, but even the wireless from iPad to the router seemed to lack bandwidth for smooth streaming. It was okay if I sat the device on the floor closer to the wireless router.

I ended up getting a Boxee Box and low and behold it supports AirPlay as well (although not full screen mirroring, just video output).

Not for me.


I have no desire to own any more "crApple" products than I have to. GoogleTV or even Windows Media Center is far superior.