questionshave you heard of the wal-mart freebie machine?


Thanks, but if it involves facebook I'm not interested.


I think there is no way I'd admit to all my friends on facebook that I was at a Walmart!


@jsimsace,@djp519,@mtm2: I know right! Lol. It might also explain why the vending machine hasn't ran out of good yet either (especially for a densely populated neighborhood I have).

It wouldn't hurt to make a fake facebook account though, right? :/

@gionot: Yeah, I thought there was 15. Maybe they'll add more someday.. if this thing works out well.


Not a bad deal, but I hate anything that requires Facebook, particularly checking in. When I do have facebook (currently on hiatus) I keep that disabled. It's a pass for me, but that's just personal preference. Nice find!


@joshobra: Haven't you heard? Facebook is just a fad, so not the best business to be betting a lot of money on right now.


@gionot: More importantly, Microsoft trended the same (actually less negative opinions than) as Apple. That's impressive since Apple customers typically say their poo doesn't stink.


wow there's actually one by me. I'm surprised. Tempted to check it out. sucks about the FB thing though. Ugh!


Sounds cool but even if there was one by me I'd be out of luck since I'm not on facebook either.


@jsimsace: I signed up for FB for just this kind of stupid thing. I used a fake name. If corporations want to buy facebook friends that is their problem.


@capguncowboy: I'd be surprised if its a large chunk of actual Apple customers giving Apple negatives, but more likely PC/Android/whatever fanboys that define themselves by their smartphone.


I'm not near one, but I'm sure it'd dispense a sample of Depends when I was there and tell the world via Facebook. Pass.


@smasumur: lol. I was going to ask what the "freebies" were but I'm sure you're right. It'll be some sort of stupid sample that they get for free too.


Suddenly I am reminded of the coin-operated piano playing chicken kiosks of ages ago. It was a kiosk containing a real live trained chicken and a toy piano. You dropped a coin in the slot, the machine would dispense a treat to the chicken, the chicken would then eat the treat then peck out something on the piano keyboard.

PETA would have conniptions over this sort of animal exploitation these days, of course.

So for all of you trained chickens out there, rock on! I'll pass.


There is one by me, not the closest Walmart, not even the one we got our dog at (well, it was in the parking lot not in the Walmart) but I will try it out and report back.


I'm more curious about how they chose THOSE 14 stores, only one anywhere near me, is in Newark,OH(pronounced nerk BTW)which is a sleepy little commuter/bedroom community 45min east of Columbus....only notable things nearby(20 miles or so)that i can remember(not been since..'04..)Dennison University, Longaberger Basket's HQ (office building looks like a giant basket), and i think...Boeing?.. had a plant nearby..

google image search showing longaberger building:


@earlyre: That's a generous description of Nerk! You forgot the best fact about Newark: it's located in Licking County. :p

I spent a few years in rural Ohio (not Licking County) in which Walmart was the only grocery/general store within about 40 minutes. There were hitching posts and water troughs out front and it functioned as the community center, essentially. I wonder if the demographics of Newark fit the profile of Walmart customers in semi-rural areas? I use facebook, unlike several posters, but I do my best to avoid giving them any additional information about me. I also do my best to avoid patronizing Walmart now that I have other options.


@dcalotta: Funnily, it's the same people downvoting my post :)


@earlyre: Funny - I know of two other Newarks out in my neck of the woods. Newark, NJ (pronounced "new erk" or "nork") and Newark, DE ("new arc" - like Noah's - where the University of Delaware is located).


@earlyre: Because the Columbus OH area is a well-known test market for new retail products.


So.... no one yet has said what these machines are dispensing. What's so cool/neato/gottahaveit about the prize that you're willing to tell Wal-Mart that you have a smartphone and a Facebook account, that you're willing to help Facebook earn a little bit of money off of Wal-Mart, and that you're willing to tell Facebook that you're in one of fourteen Wal-Mart entrances?


@3eyore: YES, BUT there are SEVERAL, NAY PLENTY of wal-marts actually IN Columbus, why choose this one 45 minutes away(with much of that drive being country) numbered 18 on this map:


@3eyore: Well, right now it seems to be that "Tide" soap square thing that you toss in the washer. Don't know how else I could describe it.

I'll go to Walmart after class later and take pictures of it, then post it here. Lol.


the tide "Pods"?

they made quite the hoopla around here, (even making our local news a few days before the national)
no, not that boring around here that soap makes the news, we have the primary tide bottling plant here local. and they developed/are making those pods @ said plant.

if you buy Tide Liquid in the Continental US, there is a 99%chance it was bottled in Lima,OH.


Pictures are IN! Yes, they're tide pods.

Here is the machine from far away:

Here is the machine from up close:

Here is the front of the packet:

Here is the back of the packet:

So I checked in right when I came in, got my pod... walked around walmart for a bit and also deleted my check-in after I got my pod... before I left walmart after like fifteen minutes, I checked in again to see if it would drop another one... and it did! Well, it was cheating.. kind of. But I walked out with two packets of Tide Pods. My mom loves them!


The website doesn't seem to display any locations when I enter my zip. Just loads to a blank blue screen. :-(

Anyone know if any of the locations are in the Phoenix Metro Area?


@zxzgrifterzxz: Sorry, I don't think they have it in Arizona. :/



That thing with the chicken gave the chic. a shock to make it dance & play !