questionshappy labor day!


Todaybor day is Labor Day!
No Labor Day in Brazil. I'm currently at work :(
Eat an extra hot dog for me!


Today is also National Chair Day!


Unfortunately I just got off work from one job and have to work at 5pm at my other job. But the good news is my vacation starts Wednesday... hope the rest of you have a great Labor Day....


We had our cook-out yesterday so we all get to relax today. Enjoy your Labor Day!!


@capguncowboy: Do you have any more fake BOC Eastereggs for us on this rainy Labor Day? Bwahaha!!!

Happy Labor Day everyone!


No work, no plans either. Beautiful almost fall weekends like this that make me wish I didn't live quite so far away from my family and old friends! waaaaaaaaah Seattle you're just not the same in fall!!! /sad /nostalgia


Just got done eating a traditional grilled meal. After a little rest I get to spend a couple of hours on the lawnmower; after all it's only 105º here today and tomorrow. Happy Labor Day to everyone!


Had a cook-out at my MIL's. Then brought home 3 little cousins (Ages 5-11) for a sleepover. @_@