questionsdo you dye your hair?


oh i <3 you too holymythos! i'm dyeing mine to match yours so we can be a real couple at the mall :)


I did dye my hair once.

A high school costume dance was coming up and the theme was "Dr. Seuss". I had my costume all figured out and realized the night before that it was incomplete. I needed blue hair!

So I went to Wal-Mart and enlisted the help of one sales associate and a store manager in trying to find blue dye. They didn't have any and no other store was open.

But the sales associate was wise and told me to try food coloring.

I put blue food coloring in my hair and it worked like a charm. It washed out in under a week, too.


yes I do! I'v been dying my hair for many years now..colors ranging from light brown to jet black, I think I have an addiction lol.


I dye every 1-3 months, give or take. I've been several shades of blue, several shades of green, two of purple (currently dark purple... "Blue Velvet" was the name of the color.), orange, red, cherry (which turned pinkish and was supposed to be black light compatible), jet black, yellow. Uh. Turquoise. My woot! ball-cap is more or less a patina of hair colors. I've also done every woot site color.

I like Manic Panic, but think Special Effects lasts longer. LaRiche was just pretty crappy.

Anyone have a preferred lightener?


Michael of the Carlyle. The hairstylist said "It's half #645 and half #625, with a dash of #045." Which translates into bright red, originally dark brown.


@gatzby: that's awesome! reminds me of clementine on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

for years i've wanted a big chunk of bright red with my dark hair. not auburn- true crayon red


in high school, i dyed my hair to a brownish red, much as was my natural color prior to to then. i missed the red that i used to have.

for about 2 years of my "adult" life, i bleached & dyed my hair ridiculous colors (it started as neon pink only, then became a rainbow-ish (cobalt, teal, green, pink, purple, in various bits). it was awesome. the only reason i stopped was the cost of upkeep and the super frizz. If i had blond hair, i would still do it all the time, but my VERY dark brown means I must bleach every time and it is both expensive and causes severe damage to my hair.

i've been missing the pink desperately- I will be bleaching & doing it again. (waiting until after the pics from our 1yr anniversary party, held because we had a TINY wedding.) will likely keep the pink up for a year or two & then fall back into wanting non-damaged hair. we'll see from there...

was always super surprised how many people said things like "awesome hair!" :D

(special effects is the way to go!)


@smtatertot13: Hehe, yeah, the bleaching gets rough. I tend to just let it grow up, get a buzz, and then redye when it gets long enough, so I'm working with "virgin hair" as much as possible. I usually have to do a double application of bleaching to get to dye-ready. Which is probably extra terrible for me.


@gatzby: Will pay top dollar for photos!


@lavikinga: Haven't taken a picture of the purple, but here's the latest bleaching:


@gatzby: How does your scalp cope? Not everyone can get away with purple. Do it wrong & you'll look like a washed out Goth. (You've had a lot of views already)


@lavikinga: Pretty well -- I've had more issues trying the "no shampoo" thing than I have with dying. The combination of the two seems to work pretty well.

Weirdly, the occasionally bleaching seems to "normalize" my hair, but I need to have oily hair. The no shampoo stuff actually worked reasonably well too.

Edit: Crappy snap of the current purple --

Somewhere in that feed the original Joker-esque purple is available too, but it's been over a year.