questionshave you seen the portal short film? amazing!


I have, it's a good concept. Needs more GlaDOS IMO. Don't agree with you on the movie thing. I don't see it working. Keep it short, keep it sweet.

Also, more Valve fan films:

City 17 (part 1):

City 17 (part 2) - released yesterday also:


I would watch a full length Portal film. Thanks for linking this.


It's amazing. I would love to see more from them.

Did you see the Portal wedding proposal?


As much as I like Portal, taking into account the premise and the environments, I don't really see it holding my interest in non-interactive form for more than half an hour.

Half-Life on the other hand, I've only seen a handful of fan films, but there's a lot more going on story wise that can keep things interesting for a full length feature in my opinion.

Another Half-Life fan film I think is worth watching:

Singularity Collapse:

Sorry if the Half-Life stuff doesn't appeal to you, I just figured if you're into Portal, you might be into Half-Life also and it's worth knowing in case you're not familiar. Their universes appear to converge or rather, it's hinted to in the games.


THANK YOU! I was flipping thru the channels yesterday and caught the last minute of this and then got pulled away before I found out what it was. I figured it had to be a video game, but it looked like a movie trailer and it really caught my attention. When I got back to the program, they were deep into a Matt Smith interview.


Another reason to love Attack of the Show for bringing that video to my attention...If they made that trailer before releasing Portal 2 I think sales for the game would have been even better. I want one of those guns!!


This is such a fantastic video, it just makes me wish there was a feature length film.


Yea I agree. I saw this and was astonished. They did an amazing job. I even showed it to some people who have no idea what Portal is and they loved it. I dont see how a studio wouldnt want to pick this up.