questionshave you ever run across someone here at deals…


Not really. I haven't come across too many personally, but it just turns me off to that particular post. I'll be annoyed for a while and then forget about it. I've seen a couple that I haven't been involved in personally, but it's more just the person being dumb or trying to stir something up for the sake of it. I've dealt with so many people like that and worse in real life that it doesn't even register anymore.

Woot's actually pretty awesome like that, in that the good people far, far outweigh the bad or rude.


I certainly make my fair share of smart ass remarks, and love it when the same comes back to me, but there would have to be more than one person or comment to make my opinion of deals.woot change.

Overall I think the community understands the basic sense of humor and abides by it, with a few that don't get it on both sides of the fence. Too bad for them because the rest of us are laughing at you :P


I think a lot of people try to come off as snarky, or hip, as Woot in general is pretty snarky and silly in their reviews, but some people take it too far and are just plain rude. I agree, lots of good people on here, some that try a bit to hard, and some are just rude.


I don't think I would ever leave just because of something someone on the Internet said to me. It's just too inconsequential to matter.


it's the internet. It's pretty easy to ignore iggz.


No. I don't get upset and leave when people are rude to me in real life, so encountering someone rude on the internet isn't enough to make me just up and leave. Besides, if it gets too out of hand, there are mods here on deals to help stabilize the situation and we should thank them for that. So, thanks mods!!!


There are so many people on here with a wonderful sense of humor, and so much knowledge about products that they far outweigh the few offensive comments I may have come across. I treat the few nasty people/comments here like I treat trolls on the internet - I just ignore them.


@kamikazeken: Let's not make this personal, now.


If you get one bad grape in a bunch, do you throw away the bunch, or toss the bad grape?


@packman711: If it's one of those white/green fuzzy grapes, I usually throw out the whole bunch. Spores get around. Yuck.


The only time I've considered leaving a community because of rude comments it was because I was making them. Sometimes I need to chill out.


@samstag: at least you're honest about it. and realizing is the first step toward self improvement.


I actually think people on the forums here are too nice to me because I work here, but over all no one on any forum's ever made me want to flounce.

One time, I posted on a group asking how to perfect hard-boiled eggs, that talent's just always escaped me. Some anon troll took it upon herself to mock me for that. That's really the most bullied I've been. About eggs.


@agingdragqueen: on behalf of expert egg boilers everywhere:

1. fill pot with water just covering the eggs
2. turn heat to medium-high
3. walk away for 15 minutes. use a timer if needed
4. profit

stick with us and you will never need another message board again


It's the internet, if you can't stand the heat go play outside.

I try not to let other people's attitude, behavior, or ignorance prevent me from doing, or cause me to do, something I want do/don't want to. If some duchecanoe wants to run his/her mouth it shouldn't prevent you from getting a deal.
In the community section it can be annoying though when someone is being unreasonable(fanboys/idiots/trolls) and ends up hijacking the thread straight to FlameWar Village.

Sometimes I think the humor someone is try to convey just doesn't translate on paper without inflection and body language, normally this means it just falls flat but if directed at an insecure or touchy person it is often misinterpreted as intentionally rude. I know this has happened to me before but once someone thinks they've been wronged it's hard to convince them otherwise.


@agingdragqueen: Hah! I think you have a funny pointy forehead. In addition, you need to get out in the sun, and get some danged color for Pete's sake. Also, Valentine's Day is so OVER.

I'll bet you feel picked on now.

In other news, I'm just watching the Whine part of the woot off. I'm not cranky, but I would like to see a couple of things on Wine dot Woot show up when I'm not sleeping.

In another couple of weeks, I can start with the Spring planting. That doesn't make me cranky, either. I'll be cranky tomorrow, before coffee. Busy now.


@w00tgurl: you forgot to add the salt to the boiling water. and to remind to use the oldest eggs in the fridge


I am an honest person (unlike some of the people who commented on the question I just gave a link to), so I will admit, some of these comments did hurt my feelings. I actually haven't been back to deals.woot since, until today.

Words in text CAN be very easy to misinterpret, but I don't think my words were misinterpreted (I mean come on - putting "LOL :)" at the end of a sentence makes it pretty clear that I was joking - maybe I made a bad joke, but to be accused of "whining"?), and I don't think I misinterpreted the nastiness in some of the responses either. I was (and still am) very appreciative of thunderthighs standing up for me though.

~ Sharon


@moosezilla: i've never ever added salt to the boiling water, i add once the eggs are on my plate
now you've done it! @agingdragqueen is going to add salt to the boiling water and i will have to join @shrdlu in saying she has a funny pointy forehead and has to get out in the sun, and get some danged color for Pete's sake. because that's how it works around here



@w00tgurl: Thanks for the recipe! I always get it backwards... :)

For me, there hasn't been any thing against the community, just a re-evaluation of some contributors.


I might snark once in a while but I'm never rude. I treat faceless people on the net the same as face to face. I do shake my head at the flat out jerks who hide behind the anonymity, I don't see the point of being a db just "because it's the net." If you're a db in reality, well, so sad to be you.


@w00tgurl @agingdragqueen For my hard boild eggs, I put the eggs into the pot and fill just past the egg. Put them on the stove and wait for the water to boil. Once the water boils, I turn off the heat, cover it, and let it sit for 17-18 minutes. Perfect yokes every time, no green tint, and not runny. Best thing, if you forget about it, you don't boil out the water or pop the eggs.

As a tip, if you aren't sure your eggs are still good: Fill up a deeper bowl with water. If the egg is bad, it will float. If it's very fresh, it will lay flat. If it's still good but a little older, it will stand up-righton the bottom.


@inkycatz: Why ask the question if you don't want what appears to be an honest answer from kamikazeken?

Are we supposed to shy away from being honest simply to appease someone who might start trouble? I believe a better course of action would be to stop the person who starts the trouble rather than try to censor the person who points the perpetrator out.

Since I had a major run-in with iggz a few days ago I speak from experience. The trouble began when I voiced my opinion on what iggz was saying. It escalated from there. Am I to believe the mods here would have rather I kept my mouth shut while allowing someone else to say whatever they want? If the answer is yes then all of the good people here have lost. Because a yes answer means that the trolls can say what they want with impunity and with immunity against others responding in kind!

I do want to say to the good people here who were offended by what I said, I am sorry for my part in what went on.


@w00tgurl: I actualy ended up emailing my mom and asking her to email me her recipe (which is about like yours). I favorited it and go back to it each time. I have no idea why I can't seem to get the recipe to stick.


@shrdlu: I'm cranky too and think wine would help. It should just be mandatory to uncork one during a Woot-Off.


@shrdlu: Man, I totally did not realize you were trying to pick on me so hard. I'm rubber and you're glue?


@jnissel: Naw, I was just worried that while everyone was answering in generalities (which is good), it could have gotten name calling really fast, which no one wants. Your post started out general, so I felt that it should stay that way. Attack the posts, not the posters, etc.

@@agingdragqueen: I love this plan and if it will make you feel better, the woot-lights have proven to be an effective diversion tactic when "The Intern" gets into crazypants cat mode. As such they have come in handy several times already.


@inkycatz: I am glad you feel that way but isn't attacking the post almost the same as attacking/challenging the poster? If I say you've made a racist comment isn't that indirectly saying you appear to be a racist?

To answer my own question; while there are subtle differences in attacking the post rather than the poster it is a fine line. A line that may be too blurry for someone who is hell-bent on causing trouble to see or to even care about.


@agingdragqueen: Wait. Did you just accuse me of sniffing glue? That is so mean. I do not.

In other news, Wine woot offs are just as good a time as any to pour a little glass of something nice. I'll toast you later, with a nice Lang Zinfandel that I just happen to have open. Good suggestion. I give you 5 internets as a present.

I hope I don't hold off waiting for the perfect wine, and then discover that I should have dropped the hammer on the Cab that's currently up. After the last Special Wine Woot Off for Petite Sirah (aka Dourif), I'm a bit jaded on it all. OTOH, Pedroncelli is pretty good stuff. I'm just so confused.



@jnissel: Dude, quit being such a namby-pamby and go ask another question.

@shrdlu: Awww, my good friend, I missed you the most.

@inkycatz: I got your back too. Beers on me later tonight.

@humperchick: You need to go outside and thicken up that soft skin.



@iggz: Irony - I was not referring to you. ;P

To address the sentiment of "toughening up." Why would I need to alter my reaction to someone else's rude behavior? I wouldn't tolerate that in a conversation in person, why would I tolerate it from some anonymous person on the internet? When I have the option to remove myself from the rude behavior (since responding in kind is likely to get me put on the moderator's bad list), why would I choose to tolerate it?

I'm by no means saying that the snark and debate often found here need to stop or change - I'm a fan of both. My point is that personal attacks and baseless, rude, unnecessary comments are just that, rude. How about instead of asking anyone offended to put up with it, we all attempt to treat every comment and conversation as if it were on we were having face to face?


@thumperchick: Never said you were ;p and it's okay I like soft skin

If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all.

Right, thumper?


@iggz: That saying is actually where the name came from. My mom used to tell me that many times a day in an effort to get me to stop blurting out everything I thought, no matter how cruel, without thought. I think it finally worked.


@90mcg112: Some of the internet, such as a forum, is not real life. I could leave those areas without any qualms. Some places are just not worth the time and trouble when pieces of are allowed to wreak havoc whenever and wherever they please.


@jnissel: Some of the internet is not real life? How about ALL of it.

Wake up grandpa. This is the virtual world.

Also, again, please stop with the profanity. This site is used by the very old, as well as, the very young.

Grow up, please.


@thumperchick: I completely agree with what you said.


@iggz: Now see iggz, I find that to be a comment said in fun. I even gave you a thumbs-up for it.

You have made, over the last few days, a couple of posts that were asking or commenting on something and not attacking people. In fact I replied to a few of them but for some reason you chose not to continue the discussion.

It seems you get pleasure out of doing things you believe irks people without thinking of how it makes you look. Is it really that important for to you to do that?


@iggz: Sorry iggz but some of the internet is very real. There are businesses that thrive because of the internet. How about email, isn't that real. What about sites that help find missing children, help with legal matters, health matters, pets, etc. Wouldn't you call them real?

There are many things on the internet that if they went away the people that utilized them could still survive. There are however other things that if they went away could cause problems for many people.

Look, neither of us owe the other anything but I would appreciate it if you gave me your thoughts on what I've said here. If you disagree tell me why. I have always be up for a good legitimate debate. How about it?


@jnissel: You're saying 2 different things, real vs real life.

I have some study material for you.

Either all of it is real life or none of it is real life, you can't pick and choose.

Just because the internet is utilized as a tool by businesses operating in real life- it does not make the internet, itself, real life.


@iggz: I looked at the links and I understand what you are saying. You previously said the internet is a virtual world. A more proper response to you should have been that while it is a virtual world, very real meaningful, live things abound in it, as well as virtual (non-real)things.


haters will always hate.....ignore them, it gets them more mad!


Sometimes the Internet makes me want to leave the planet.


Ok, since I last commented there are some people who make me want to leave here for good and are hard to ignore, and they are those who slam religion. I have a sense of humor, don't mind a little light humor about it, but the put-downs are upsetting and hard to deal with.