questionshow much should i pay for a nice suit?


There's a Jos A Bank near where I work, and I'd have to say from the signs that there's a promotion of some kind running most of the time. In a world where khakis and work casual is more the norm than 20 years ago, it's not surprising that there are fewer suit stores and sales are frequent. I think Jos A Bank tends to be a better quality fabric and suit than what Men's Warehouse carries (or at least I've never been quite impressed by MW). I like the fabric and fit of Banana Republic's suits, though I personally only own one of their sportcoats.


I guess it all depends on what fabric you want, what your limits are, and whether or not you feel a recognized name brand means you got a good suit. I had a relative who worked in a sewing factory (here in the US). They made the suits there, shipped them somewhere else, and they were resold for hundreds more. I remember them talking about making custom suits for football players. We bought "returned" suits for pennies on the dollar and the sewing factory would tailor them for you.

Too bad that place went to china. Great suits.

I'd look around, other than a retail place. There are people out there who sew on the side for extra cash. You could get a custom made suit. Price is equal to quality and fit in my mind. All tailors are not the same.

I'd hat to throw a number at you.


I own about 35 suits with major brands such as ralph lauren, jos a bank, and Hart Schaffner and Marx. With that being said, I buy all of my suits secondhand and the savings are enormous! I also own a few custom tailored suits as well. Never buy retail again lol