questionshow low can memory card prices go?!


Good question! don't have an answer for you at all but you make a good point


Remember 128mb, 256mb and 512mb cards? That's why.


I predict $0.25 a GB within 2 years.


Moore's Law. Technology doubles ... every two years. This means you will see 128GB for under $25 in two more years, then 256GB in four, then 512GB in six... for the same price. (A co-worker got a 128GB when in China for $10 last year.)


Prices will not go far below ~$5.00 for the lowest capacity cards at any given time. Below that, there's just no profit to be had when you factor in overhead and manufacturing costs. What will continue to increase is the size of cards. Every card capacity has taken it's turn as the cheapest one... currently it's at 4 GB (and fast approaching for 8 GB), but really every iteration has spent time "at the bottom."

How do you know a card won't go any cheaper? When older versions cost the same. Currently 2 GB, 1 GB, 512 MB, 256 MB, 128 MB, 64 MB, etc. all retail for about the same cost as a 4 GB card. So 4 gig cards won't really go any lower.

Frankly I don't see any logical endpoint for this trend. Despite the emergence of the "cloud," and the increasing movement towards digital media, local physical storage is important. Heck, if anything local, small, removable flash storage has actually become more important in recent years.


I was just thinking the same thing. Saw 8GB sandisks for $3.99 shipped. It's crazy!


All valid points gang. I started to make a point then realized all bases seemed to be covered above me.