questionswill you celebrate the fall of the cowboys?


Sure. What meme would you like, sir?

Wait, you promise no themed deals? Hah! We'll just see about that. I'll have to think about this for a few hours...


Congrats. I have know idea where to find 'nafsllib' themed products.


Ah, the ride off into the sunset. Can't think of a better image to wrap up the rule if the least until they return.

I believe the new meme will be to celebrate the new leaderboard leader with themed deals, per @shrdlu 's suggestion. So what is a nafsllib?


@okham: Oh, my...

Just in case you REALLY need this spelled out, try spelling it out backwards.



I wondered how long it would take for some one to figure it out.


@shrdlu: I'll be honest, part of me was really hoping that that wasn't even going to be close and it was just going to be one of those crazy coincidences. Alas, my hopes were crushed with the true reality. billsfan.


I need someone else with unnecessary numbers in their name to join me as a sidekick!

We shall rise to the top of the leaderboard and get our own themed deals, about.. numbers or something, we'll work out the details later!

Who's with me?!


This is too funny.

@1298ty: I got your back.


Who are you and what are you doing in my spot?

It's only a matter of time before you're asking my forgiveness and kissing my royal ring again



@capguncowboy: I thought you were benevolent and wise rulers, so I for one will not celebrate your downfall. However, I will celebrate the new regime because I don't want to be beaten up behind Walmart.


the Tag Mods strike again... unless those were chosen on purpose.


People, realize that @nafsllib's username is billsfan SPELLED BACKWARDS.

It is clear that @nafsllib is an ANTI-Bills Fan, and most likely would prefer almost anything to Bills related deals.

Might I suggest something like curling related deals instead? I believe this will be more in keeping with @nafsllib's obvious distaste for the Bills.


@chris12345: Yes! You're at 95 and I'm at 98. Let's do this!

Watch Out, Woot World!


@baqui63: I think you have hit on something here, although I am not sure curling is the right answer to the anti-Bills fan. Perhaps buffalo hunting is more to his liking? Here's a deal (10% off if booking in the future, as opposed to booking in the past). Note that while you can kill the buffalo, the bass fishing is catch and release only. Of course, why you would pay to hunt one of these docile creatures when you can walk right up and pat one is beyond me. But then I'm NOT an anti-Bills fan. so maybe I just don't get it.


Here's the as it stands atm.


@rprebel: LOUD applause. Amazing find! +20 :-)


@nafsllib: I'm not top 15 yet but I plan on getting there. And after that I'm coming for you.


@jeremytheindian: Shouldn't you be after the cowboys and leave your buffalo friendly fellow alone.


@nafsllib: Ha Ha I made into the top 15, currently at #6. I will soon topple the cowboys.


@jeremytheindian: Nice job, I have fallen from the top spot but believe I will return shortly.


@cowboydann: yeah,yeah, yeah I knew my activity yesterday would drop my ranking. Though I must say I'm shocked my hissing cockroach didn't fare better. Anyway I will return.