questionsis @agingdragqueen still taking post cards from…


Damn I keep forgetting about that!


I sent mine earlier today.


I can even provide a translation in case my handwriting is too awful.


Yep. I sent one to each office from my recent travels. Hope they enjoy.


I have decided to not only send postcards from some of my travels, but since I was looking for local postcards and having a hard time finding them, pictures!. I finally found a local postcard at a local 'mansion', but I have tons of pictures from places I like to go around my own home. I figure she should enjoy them...and the amount I'm sending, should keep her office nicely in, she'll never know what color the walls are after she puts them up, lol! I'm hoping to send them tomorrow on my lunch break, but we'll see...



Yes she has said she is enjoying the ones she has received and looks forward to any and all that still may come. Puts a smile on her face when mail gets delivered and how can she get tired of that?


And because I just had to go look them up, here are the addresses from @gideonfrost's original post.

Woot Texas
4121 international parkway
Carrollton Tx 75007
Woot Seattle
Kristy Tye,
333 Boren Ave. N., 3rd Floor
Seattle, WA 98109

Friday, post office, here I come. I may just take postcard sized doodles off my desk + put them in an envelope though,


Postcard coming from Moorea will be in the mail tomorrow!


@raider9924: I guess this man is now my voice, he has done so well at it here.


@agingdragqueen: You're a busy person. I'm proud to see you delegating. :)


@agingdragqueen: Just shows you that someone was paying attention to what you say in the DWC :).


And, all my postcards and pictures have been sent. Happy viewing @agingdragqueen, they should keep you busy a while because I wrote something on the back of all the postcards and pictures!