questionscan you send a game on steam to a different…


Pretty sure that once a game is added to an account you can't give it to anyone else. That is why the purchasing process asks if you are buying it for yourself or as a gift.


@ipegot: Just to add an extra note on this ... if you send a game as a gift, until the other user claims it, you can still redirect it to someone else. I found this out by accident, but it's an interesting feature. I assume they did it to handle things being sent to old/stale email addresses, etc... but the end result is that if you get something for someone on there, and they don't want it, you can then change it to go to someone else instead.

I thought it was a useful tidbit to know of.


heh, just give him your password. Let him download it, then set it to offline play mode.


@cowboydann: opposite way around, but yes that is what we are doing. I just logged into his account, am downloading it and am doing that, but I was still curious about this subject


Well I know if you buy like a single copy of a game like Portal from steam, then later buy Orange Box, which includes a copy of portal, Steam gives you a gift-able copy of the duplicate game to give to someone else, but I have never seen an option to deactivate an activated game on your account and send it to someone else,

on another note, I recently bought a humble bundle, which included a whole bunch of games for a donation to a good cause. But the steam codes to activate the various games said it would add the games to your account, but if you already have the game it would not add a gift able copy. So it seems the various game manufacturers have a say in the gifting rules.


This is a good example of why I still like physical media. When I am done with an Xbox, PS3, or Wii game, I can give it, lend it, or sell it to someone else. Of course, physcial media tends to be more expensive, so there are always trade-offs.


"Per the Steam Subscriber Agreement, Steam game subscriptions / CD keys are nontransferable and cannot be reset / moved between Steam accounts."


I've never gotten Offline play to work. It always wants to connect to the internet and wont let me play games...


@lexian: That's the way most (all? - Orange box didn't work like that for me but I had one of the other games in the bundle, not Portal) bundles work on Steam. If you already have one of the games then tough - you're not getting an extra copy. A bit sh*y really as there's a few bundles I'd buy if I could gift the duplicates.


if i download dayz can i get on my friends computer then download it their and then he can play on his account