questionsdo you care about a woot-off without a boc?


Honestly, I didn't pay that much attention even back when BOCs were offered, but without them, I pay even less. I think your 5 minutes was 4 minutes more than I spent.


BoC or no BoC, I stopped caring about the WooToffs long ago.
but guess what? They still do them and they still sell the stuff or at least have a timer that advances the item if sell rate vs. supply is insufficient. (Has anyone seen a WooToff killer in practice recently?)

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The B0C has lost it's luster, now it's mostly just garbage. Year old calendars, broken items, items missing accessories. You're basically gladly accepting items they would probably throw away. My relatives try to do this, they want me to take crap from their house because they can't bring themselves to throw it away. No, I do not want dead Aunt Doris' bridge set in my house Mom.

However they throw out an LCD TV every once in a while to keep the attention span of those who think they have a chance. Save your money or insist Woot improve the quality of the BOC. Of course, they honestly named it BAG OF CRAP, so it's not like you're being fooled


The BOC had very little to do with it. I have never received, nor hope to receive, one. It is so much more than that. I do not need any incentive beyond GREAT PRICE on something. I now buy from 1saleaday (as an example), and the like, at a MUCH higher rate. It is at least 70-1 (multiples purchased). Sorry WOOT!


The bloom has fallen off the rose for me.


I never got a BOC and didn't think I was likely to ever get one. The goods lately are repetitive and not competitive, and lately no coupons to inspire me to seek out that first sale.


I'd be more interested in some decent merchandise at good prices during the woot off, rather than the BOC.


I agree with all of you. It would be nice if there were better deals during woot-offs, and the quality of the BOC was heading down before they axed it. Maybe I'm sentimental, but the BOC was always dear to my heart, no matter how crappy. Without it, there's nothing that woot has done in a while to quicken my pulse.

Oh, and another reason for woot-off burn out: woot+, "Hundreds of items, every day" at maybe a 2% discount!


@fmp031000: must echo. No. With or without BOC.

Re woot on Facebook: no.


I never find many surprises in the WootOff's anymore. Now that Woot sells about 50 different items between it's 9 different stores every day, there isn't much that I haven't seen before.


Haven't paid much attention to the woot-offs lately, I do attribute that mostly to having a job again but the lack of variety was making them boring as well. Also, the prices as of lately weren't all that great to be perfectly honest -- shipping does kill them most of them time and now I have to factor in tax as well.

That being said, occasionally Woot has a nice deal. Unfortunately, I'm seeing less and less deals as they add more and more offerings... (all those plus deals). Though, this could have changed.... my activity overall here has been on the decline and I haven't been price checking or going into product forums.


As for the BOC, without them its just another reason for me not to pay attention.


Since I've never gotten a Bag of Crap, that wasn't the attraction. The deals aren't as good or as quirky as they used to be and I've gotten almost everything I needed and a few things (quite a few!) that I didn't need, so I don't feel the need to pay too much attention. And now I don't have to feel left out of the BOC-stakes since no one gets one.

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My likely unpopular response is that I actually enjoy them much more without it. It turned into an obsession; I had to watch every second, every single little thing just for a stupid bag of 3XL T shirts and 99 cent electronics. Yeah, I did get a great couple of BOCs (along with crappy ones) but I lost a lot of time watching for one. SMH. I bought a few things from the last Wootoff. The $5 all day shipping really gets me hooked, as soon as I buy one thing I start watching a lot closer. Probably why the best deals are in the wee hours of the morning, to get you hooked once you have paid for the shipping. The thing I miss more is that mini woot-off that they had, I think it was on Wednesdays? It's been a couple of years. Those and the Wootoff lights on Woot's birthday. Even though I never matched the Dow number with my order number right, I still got a pair of lights.


It started going downhill for me when @snapster left. A BOC could still be had, but it wasn't worth trying for. My woot-off interest has been on a sharp downward spike for months now.


I don't understand the decision to axe the BOC's. It seemed relatively recent when they had multiple BOC's during a woot off, instead of just one.


I watch Woof-offs for one reason. If I miss a t-shirt, for one hour during the woot-off, I can get it for $12 if it is still in the top 20.

Was there an official announcement made about killing the BOCs?


I can live with out the BOC; they've been overrated for a very long time now. My thing was collecting the monkeys, but now that they've gone to $3.99, the fork has been put in me and I'm done.


Your a bunch of sallys! The boc is awesome no matter what! Thy need it and U need it!