questionsif you were stranded on an island and had 3 items…


Vector FM and NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Flashlight- 2 Pack
Shun Ken Onion 11-Piece Knife Block Set
SOG Outdoor Gear - 3 Piece Set with Nylon Sheaths

come at me!


Bag of Crap.

I live dangerously.



What if you ended up with 10 slinkies, a flying monkey and a sandisk refurb 1gb mp3 player rofl


@devexityspace: Are those metal slinkies? May make a difference, down the road. Obviously you would use your flying monkey to knock fruit off trees and frighten predators. Assuming it is a deserted island, not a desert island.
If it is a dessert island, you have it made, you are in candy-land.


1) Swiss Army Knife
2) Woot-Off Lights
3) Bacon Seasoning.


1) Todd's Dirt Seasoning.
2) Todd's Dirt Seasoning.
3) Todd's Dirt Seasoning.

Dirt seasoning means it makes dirt taste good, right?


Bacon Salt
Flying monkey for self defense (zombies can walk under water)
my Vote shirt.


Too bad it's not D.W, one could live off any random page. And, there's crossbows, cows, and water bladders.


@rlapid2112: Wasn't there a personal sized sub offered too? Of course, if I was stranded on Manhattan Island, I guess I wouldn't need it. I could just take a cab.


@lavikinga: i would stay a while & catch a show. get a slice at Ray's (the original, right..)


If it's 3 items I've already bought from woot, I'd probably be pretty screwed...the only things useful I bought that might be helpful on a deserted island are 5 pack shirts, 2 water bottles and a wine aerator. I mean, at the very least, I'd be able to filter and store water a bit and stay warm at night, so that's not too bad I guess.

I would prefer dessert island for sure!


Thermos Roho 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle
20 Questions Game
Odd Bear Out Woot shirt

I'm gonna die anyway, might as well have something to do.