questionsthere are lots of stun guns for sale here, anyone…


Supreme Court Justices? Lawyers? Politicians? The list is simply endless.

But no, never used one. I don't even know anyone that owns one. Everyone I know has actual guns. My neighbors (mostly) have guns. Me too. I don't even get stun guns. What's the point?

[Edit] I want to quickly point out that I meant the use of stun guns on the deserving, although I doubt that I'd be happy with using one on Sandusky.


I usually don't support murder, but in Jerry Sandusky's case I don't think a stun gun would be enough. I've used and have trained with X26 model Tasers, including being tased. They're a very good way to stop a threat dead in its tracks without lethal force, and if it turns out the threat wasn't really a threat, 3 metal barbs usually won't leave permanent damage.


When I was a kid I had one. It was a fun until we tried to stun a crab. Not to community, current will go through a crab and zap the hell out of you.

Im sure the crab got a good chuckle at my expense.


Never seen or used one around here.


I like guns better............dead men can't sue me for heart palpatations!

BTW..........I'd like to use the stun gun on the guy who hits the button to turn off the BOC............that way I could get a couple more seconds to get one, while he's doing the funky chicken!