questionswhy won't it turn off?


i get this issue every once in a while. i usually have to unplug the cable box, wait a minute or so and then plug it back in. that has cleared the issue every time for me.


Change the batteries in your remote control.


Get out of the house, sell it, never go back in.

You'll thank me when you're still alive in two weeks.


The mouse fell in my lap before I finished. Did change batteries and urned off cable box. The show was STILL on when the box "regrouped". Had to wait til the show ended before anything worked. The mouse is now hiding somewhere.


@curtisuxor: I have written here before about my haunted house. Always gets more "involved" before the holidays. This weekend put the tree up and wrapped los of presents. ITS BACK!


Who told the mouse that's where the cheese is?

(Ancient Bill Cosby joke. Ancient.)


Do you have a DVR? Were you recording the show?
It could be that the DVR froze up. I've had that happen a couple of times. Only options are to wait until the set record time is done or unplug the DVR.


@lavikinga: If I get what you're saying, then Eeeeeewwwwww.


@jsimsace: nononono. Jeesh. There was this mouse that had scared Cos' wife and she was afraid it was going to crawl up her leg and he says "Who told the mouse that's where the cheese is?"

Oh. Wait. Ewwwwwwwww. I never thought of it that way. Way to ruin that joke for me!


So the ghosts were watching the movie and didn't want you to change it?
Seems legit.
Is one of them Nicole Kidman?

j5 j5

@j5: No~just a really spid show on curses. But the dang mouse kepps running around and I swear he's wiggling his but at me.