questionshelp with my ps3


should I replace the system?

If I have to do either of those, what's going to happen to my data? I have upgraded the hard drive and I do have PlaystationPlus. Logic tells me that if I were to get a new PS3 I could just swap the hard drives, but something also tells me that's not exactly right.

I should be able to get most of my game data back with PSPlus, but I know I don't have everything backed up to online storage.



Hello fellow PS3 owner. First off what model of PS3 do you have. My original 40GB release model was doing similar things about a year ago before I replaced it. The fans in fact would be running so quickly the noise alone made me want to replace the model. I too attempted to clean the system out with some compressed air, but from what I've read, shooting in the air does nothing but make the problem worse as it forces much of the dust back into the system covering the inner workings. So depending on how long you've had the model it may be in fact time to bite the bullet and upgrade. Looking forward to your response.


@studerc: It's the old 60gb original. One that had 4 USB ports and was backwards compatible with PS2 games. Got it in '06.

...Really wish I had known that compressed air wasn't good for it. Do you think if I popped it open and cleaned it up it would help? Things far, far beyond out of warranty, so I'm not too worried about voiding it.

It has been very noisy as of late, though. Even with just streaming.


Unfortunately you can not just swap out the hard drive as it is tied to that particular system, your new playstation (if thats what you end up doing) will require you to reformat the drive... It may be possible for you to hook it up to a computer using a SATA to USB connector, but I have no idea if a computer can read the data to copy game saves, music, etc.


Sounds like the YLOD. The compressed air does not help, it forces the dust further in if that is a problem. Unfortunately the thermal paste in the "Fat" models dries out and that is usually what kills it with dust only helping with the heat building.

While you can use the hard drive in a different PS3 when you insert the hard drive into a new system it will be formatted which obviously deletes all the data on the drive.

If you repair the system it will just break again in a short time from what I have read. If you send it to Sony I believe they give an upgrade option to buy a new slim cheaper but not sure if they still do this.

To get your saves off it to another system you can look into "reflowing" the system yourself. This will get the PS3 running but only for a short time. Most people will reflow the system and do a backup before the system dies again. If you reflow make sure you are ready to backup the first time you run the system as it may not turn on a second time.


@rooopert2002: [expletive]. That's what I thought. I remembered something along those lines from when I upgraded the hard drive.

@raider9924: Good info, thank you. I'll have to look into reflowing. If only I had a spare external.


You can repair the YLOD and it will run for awhile and then will definitely die again. It's easier just to bag it and get a new one. Ask me how I know...


From a moderator

If you have had an issue with your console where you are no longer able to turn the unit on, there are a number of issues with backing up the data from that consoles HDD to another unit.

Ideally we advise if you can to back up your data as you go along which can be done through an external HDD[...]

If this hasn't been done prior to the issue there is no practical way to get this data across to another console. If you were previously a PlayStation Plus subscriber there is the function for online save backups, but failing that your Trophy data and online game stats should remain intact e.g. your Call of Duty Rank online for instance.


In regards to the saves if you removed the HDD and placed this in another PS3, the new console would reformat the HDD and remove all the data (each PS3 formats the HDD to itself). If there was a way of allowing the current console to function you may be able to use Data Transfer Utility to send the data via ethernet cable to another console.

The option to remove the HDD and connect o a PC may also prove to be an issue as the HDD will have a proprietry format not recognised by a PC.

In this instance there is unfortunately little I can advise that would allow for this, without having a prior backup.


@thedogma: Not sure if this is the route you wanna go, but when I transfered my save files from my old to my new ps3, I just used a flash drive. Very easy, just plug it in and then you can go to each save file and make a copy on the flash drive, only takes a few minutes in total. It's unfortunate, but it seems that the best route would be replacement, its a bummer you'll lose the backwards compatibility! Try and bring it into a Gamestop. When I brought mine in i didn't run it for a week so the fans wouldn't just start blaring. They ran their diagnostics in a matter of minutes and ended up giving me 100 in credit for it. Might be the best route to go.


I would recommend sending off the PS3 to this company:

I've heard good things. They don't "reflow" the GPU. They reball it. That is, instead of melting the little balls of solder back in place with heat (a temporary fix), all the solder is removed and they add brand new solder balls to the GPU contacts.


It sounds like @omnichad has a great solution. If it was mine I would try it. Good luck!


The guy who operates seems to know what he is doing, but it is somewhat pricey. Not that it isn't worth it (really complicated procedure) but 175 is a long way to a new console.