questionswhich do you prefer, ios or android?


I upvoted the Android option but wanted to give more details. I own an iPhone with iOS and I own several Android devices including phones and tablets.

Android: More apps available. They do not go through the same testing as iOS apps before being allowed to be in the Play store. This is both a Pro and a Con because anyone can write an app but many apps don't work. There are apps created that do not work on some devices like the Kindle Fire but work fine on others. Phone apps do not always scale properly when used on a tablet. Many apps available on iOS are free for Android. Your Android device is more open and you can transfer files without using iTunes. You can use any marketplace you want including Google's or Amazon's.

iOS: Everything just works. Must use iTunes to sync. Some apps are rejected for crazy reasons by the review process and are not due to functionality but politics. Many apps only work over Wifi and not data plan.


Regarding hardware differences:

iPhone: Non-consumer replaceable battery, no option to install MicroSD cards.

Android: Some phones have replaceable batteries and MicroSD card slots. You have more variety on which vendor to buy your phone from and still enjoy the Android operating system.

WIth Android, there is so much hardware variation that it becomes confusing as to which phone you should buy but that's a good thing because you have choice. However, on the downside, because of all the hardware variation, the operating system is compiled for each phone separately and you have to wait for that manufacturer to come out with updates and they may stop supporting it when new models come out. I believe it to be the hardware variation that causes some apps to be incompatible with things like the Kindle Fire.


I had a Iphone 3, then a 4 at the same time as my HTC EVO, because the Iphone came with a job. I absolutely loved the iPhone, until I had a phone with Android.

When the job was at an end, I could not justify the monthly expense of 2 smartphones on two carriers. And for me, no contest. I cancelled the Iphone contract and paid off the penalty, and, and with some regret, sold the iPhone that had served me well. Fine device but I've never wanted it back.


Having had both iOS through from the iPhone 3 to 4 and Android from Gingerbread to ICS, I have to say I prefer Android.

iOS is great if you're OK with living in a walled garden and running everything through iTunes. There are limitations but what it does, it does very very well.

Important for me, I prefer the Outlook to iTunes to iPhone over to having to go through Gmail for everything, especially when prefer everything on my Outlook. I had to migrate everything from Outlook to Gmail which then syncs with the phone but to keep using Outlook, there's some set-up to go through. Plus, it doesn't sync contacts or notes so that requires yet another app.

Android is better if you're more hands-on and DIY-ish. To do all the things iOS/iTunes does, I had to hunt around for different apps. Some of the things I really like about ICS is the facial recognition for phone locking and SWYPE for writing texts and emails. And their dictation great!


It's fun to argue over your favorite mobile os, but it's also nice to step back for a moment and just be thankful for how awesome all technology is these days.

Seriously though, android is the best and anyone who disagrees is a noobtard.


I can think for myself, so...



Having owned both phones, I still find myself actually using the IOS device more. I don't delude myself into thinking it's particularly BETTER than Android, I simply find myself able to do the things I regularly do more effectively with it.

I up-voted the poor IOS guy at the top, haha.


Android. I like to be able to customize my phone to the fit and feel that I like, and Apple doesn't really offer that.


I prefer Android for myself. I am a tech geek and all my friends and family come to me for advice and/or recommendations when it comes to anything tech related. I do push some toward iOS, but for people that aren't already tied into the iTunes store, I recommend Android.

I have to say that the myth about Android being hard to use, laggy, unstable and all the other bad reviews it got before ICS, should be squashed. Jellybean is smooth, fluid, beautiful, powerful and IMO the best mobile OS available. I know a lot of people that tried Android early on when it was laggy and unstable, and still believe it is today. iOS is a great OS. But...I recommended Android(Nexus 4) for both my brother and his wife(both had iPhone's). They are tech dummies and have never once called me to ask 'how do I __(fill in the blank with what you want)? Not once.


iOS on my phone, Android on my tablet.

I want versitility on my tablet, i want expandable memory there too. I just want my phone to work, I don't use the small screen to draft engineering designs. i use it to make calls, quickly surf the web, play a few games and listen to music. i also love itunes. Sorry, but iOS just works.


@first2summit: You said, "Important for me, I prefer the Outlook to iTunes to iPhone over to having to go through Gmail for everything..."

I'm not sure I understand... You don't have to go through Gmail for everything on an Android device... Why did you have to migrate from outlook to gmail? I have email, contacts, and calendars synced from multiple email accounts on my phone.


I gotta vote iOS and downvote android. Not because all android devices suck I'm sure. but everyone Ive had with my current carrier cspire are crap. Though I think it might have more to do with the phone than the os so I dunno. Guess I need to get my hands on a note or something. But I've tried the HTC Hero and Samsung Galaxy back when they came out a few years ago and I hated them >.> they worked great at first but started to slow and kinda be buggy after lots of use. Never had that problem since I switched to iPhone.


I prefer Android. I just don't like that EVERYTHING has to go through iTunes to get on my phone.

I use my phone to transport files (PDFs, Excel sheets, photos and lots of other stuff). You can't imagine the time I save by being able to connect my phone to any PC and just drag and drop the files from the computer to the phone and vice-versa. Add to that being able to have someone give me their original music in an email and just save it to my phone.

For me, Android wins hands down. But maybe it's in the way that you use it.

(I never get tired of this question BTW.)


When iOS comes out with a full computer the size of an old usb stick I'll vote for that. Until then... Android.


Android. I despise restriction.


I picked IOS. Why because its way to easy to get virus on android. Look at angry birds. On the Android version It got hit with a virus. To me Apple makes it harder for viruses. but that is just my opinion.

My Devices: IPhone 5, HP touchpad, And a Android tablet.


I used to create a custom soundboard app on my Android phone. I plan to do something similar for our baby to help learn the names of our pets and relatives. Ex: Click on pic of grandma and it'll say "grandma" or her actual name. I might do other stuff the more I learn about the capabilities of appinventor. Do iphones have a simple app creator like that?


@bsmith1: Iphone does have a lot of apps like that. I do not know how good they are. I never used them.


android, b/c i have a completely irrational hatred for apple products, not to mention when i HAVE tried to use an iOS device, they are completely counter intuitive to me. where as android's structure and "flow" completely make sense to me.



I have an android phone, which is great. It does everything I need it to and has all the apps I need. I have rooted it so I can fun full system backups as well as installing cyanogenmod on it ( to get rid of bloatware, mainly ).

I currently have an iPad and had a Transformer before that. I find that iOS on the iPad is much smoother and nicer than ICS on my transformer was. I do have it jailbroken ( so I can play games on an emulator ), but other than that, I've found everything I need in the app store.

Basically, I like android on phones, but I think it needs a bit more polishing before it's a good option for tablets.


Does anyone else not experience the "it just works" on ios? I will say it is less buggy than android but my iphone 4 does not "just work." The camera app crashes pretty regularly and a lot of apps don't work very well (which I understand is probably the app maker's fault for those other apps). I think it is pretty funny watching my parents try to do facetime and it doesn't work at all (my stepfather is a big apple fan and I just laugh at this situation).

Now, the iphone 4 is definitely less buggy than my Asus Transformer Android tablet but I just don't experience the iphone "just working."


@benyust2: My Iphone 5 has never had a issue since the day i got it. Same with my Iphone 4. yes sometimes the apps do crash. But that is the app Developers fault.

Also another reason i like ios better is that, Android has over 100 devices. When a app developer makes a app they have to pick one device to make it work the best on.


@pinchecat: Whoa there cowboy. That young upstart's still sitting at the Kids' Table.

Let the grownups talk. ;o)


Before all the down votes rain on me, let me be clear that I'm not recommending this...

Has anyone tried RIM's new Blackberry OS? I've heard that it still sucks, but I'm curious if anyone has first hand experience.


I know IOS has it's limitations and I'm not happy with it but come on people! Google is the real life Skynet! You all know what happened at 2:14 am Eastern Time on August 29th, 1997 right? Well....just wait. It's not called "Android" for no reason!


neither.Not a fan of smart phones. I just want a phone.
The screen is too small to do anything meaningful for me.
I don't want to be bothered and tethered to my email ,the internet and such. If someone wants me, call me if you can. If you can't reach me, I probably don't want to hear from you. At least not at the moment.

I used to love airports to people watch.There was a certain friendliness among travelers. Now, everyone's nose is in an electronic device. Eery to look around and really examine that. Games or work, does it matter ? Orwellian.

I was on a plane from SF to NY last year. Person next to me asked a question and well the 3 of us across started talking. The middle person made the observation: we are the only people on this plane talking to each other. How lucky we were, how much everyone else was tied to their electronics. (Plane was full)
Turns out we were all connected somehow.
(difference btwn conversation and a chatty cathy to clarify)

ok rant done.


@ceagee: I completely understand your rant. I'm 25 and I can't stand seeing so many of my peers glued to their devices unable to hold a real conversation.

That being said, My smart phone makes me more productive at almost everything I do. I have my calander and email in it for work, I have family pics with me everywhere. I can sign into my office comminucator when the need arises. I have quick directions pretty much everywhere. I won't say I NEED it to do my job but it sure makes my life easier when the boss says at 10pm "have this done and delivered to the client by 8am tomorrow and pick up client 2 at the airport and did you finish that interchange design yet?". I don't live on my smart phone by any means but it sure can make life and the quality of my work a lot better.

edit: and because no iPhone I've ever had (i started with the first iPhone) has ever given me a reson to throw it out the window, I still say iOS.



Some if the people you observe "tethered" to their smartphones don't have, or care to have, social skills and personal connections. Many of the smartphone users are perfectly polite and normal people who like using their smartphones. While I deplore the former, the choice belongs to the individual.

If I were having a conversation on a plane, and most passengers weren't, that scarcely makes me more "civilized".


So I have the iphone 5 for my work phone, and my personal phone is a galaxy s3, and I love them both. Ill give a 2 post answer, since i dount ill have enough character space.

iOS - Simple, easy to use, way less buggy then the android OS, cleaner, smoother, faster, and overall just better looking. Its super user friendly, everything is a square app icon, that can be organized into folders. The only down side, you can't change the way your phone just works in general. You cant change how to unlock your phone, you cant create custom text messaging tones, you can';t do anything that apple doesnt want you to do. Its almost like staying at a nice hotel room. Its really nice, however you cant change anything. Also, iOS has things like group messaging and ichat, something android os doesnt offer. and more people use iphones, so features that iphones ofer like sharing locations, facetime and such, are more practical and to use and always work since everyone has an iphone.



Android os - Fun. I mean really, you can do everything on this thing. Widgets, and customization and just literally anything you want your phone to do or customize, can be done. One of the best features about the Android OS, is that Google Play offeres a refund ability. If you dont like the app you purchased, you can refund and uninstall it within 24 hours and get your money back hassle/question free.

The phones do get buggy and slow. I find myself tapping on a text messing thread, and waiting for the phone to open up the conversation, or while im typing, the characters freeze and need to catch up. I also noticed my keyboard crashes here and there, the web browser isnt as smooth, BUT does support flash unlike Apple. Theres no group messaging capability, however there is apps that can replace the stock android messging.

Bottom line, go with apple if you just want something plain and simple that gets the job done. Use android is you enjoy tinkering and customizing.



@apatriotvirus: so you know you can make your own text message tones for the iphone.


Fact - IOS is much more secure becuase Apple does a code review of ALL apps before they allow the software to be downloaded. Google on the other hand does not.

Last point... Google has / and still allows its vendors to alter the source code of Andriod and this has caused security holes. I recall Samsung being the most flagrant in that they disable a number prompts design to ask for user conformation when an app attempts to access personal information.


This is exactly what I'd expect from the technically savvy woot! community.


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