questionscan you help me find some deals on "work jewelry…


Just to keep harmony in your home, the current term is "fashion jewelry." See? Doesn't that sound nicer?


Chloe+Isabel has some interesting pieces. Some of it is definitely not by taste, but there are quite a few nice "statement" items. You didn't mention a price range, but I think most items are less than Nordstrom's or Neiman's.

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I don't know if self promotion is okay in a situation like this (delete me if it isn't), but I make and sell jewelry at craft fairs. It sounds like what your wife likes is similar. I use art glass and natural stones like jade, carnelian, agate, jasper, druzy, pearls, amber, citrine, moonstone, amethyst, labrodorite, mother of pearl, tigerseye, tiger iron, etc, etc. Bracelets run $10-15 and necklace and earring sets run $20-25. I have an Etsy store but there's never anything in it as I sell stuff too fast. If you are interested send me a PM with your email address and let me know what kind of stuff your wife likes and I will email you some pics. Please let me know here if you PM me as I never think to look there. If you'd rather shop close to home, look in your paper for Arts and Crafts fairs and Art Bazaars at local churches and schools and you should be able to find similar work.


I enjoy the World Stock section of for unique fair trade items. If you sign up for their e-mails, sometimes they send discount coupons, and shipping is a flat rate $2.95 or free over $50.


@magic cave: Also, "costume jewelry" generally connotes mass produced jewelry using manufactured materials. Nordstrom's stuff may well be costume jewelry, but the odds are that the jewelry she's buying at craft fairs is just plain old jewelry, made by hand with natural and semi-precious stones. Not hugely valuable like precious metal and stone jewelry, but still actual jewelry. At least that's the way I have seen the vernacular used.


@moondrake: Thank you for the expanded and more accurate info!


@moondrake: I'm going to show my wife those photos and see what she thinks. I think the yellow one is right up her alley. :)


@lavikinga: You are SUCH a trouble maker. Without seeing examples of what the wife of @kylemittskus prefers, the range is simply too broad. Many items that qualify as costume jewelry, that are pieces I like, may be more expensive than equivalent jewelry that is modern, and unsigned. Just do a quick search on eBay for "signed rhinestone" and it will be a revelation.

I prefer to buy jewelry that I can pick up, and look at, and hold against my skin, and this is as true for costume jewelry as it is for the precious metals. Bakelite bracelets have been very popular, off and on, but I've never cared for them. I love things that sparkle, valuable or not (hence my knowing about rhinestones).

Here's a fun store on Ruby Lane (I like Ruby Lane):

Great. Now I want jewelry. Do not trust La Viking, she will get you in trouble every time.


I've purchased several items from and have always been pleased with the pieces.

I also make purchases from and etsy and have loved each one. This is a link to my favorite artfire artisan:


Thank you, ladies. Those were the EXACT three places I was trying to remember but had never bookmarked. has lots of other things that distract me too!


@shrdlu: If you like sparklies, you should look at titanium druzy and mystic topaz. I have just been shopping for titanium druzy pendants as I (predictably) sold out at my last show. Here's a nice example of each:

The druzy is a treated natural stone and the "topaz" is a lab made stone. Both are quite affordable.


@shrdlu: Did you ever buy from eBay seller Two Little Jewels, based in Texas?


@magic cave: I never ever buy jewelry from eBay sellers. I seldom buy jewelry on line in any case. There are some worthy things on Ruby Lane, and I feel that they are careful about who does or does not sell things. I really was sincere, though, when I said I preferred things I could touch. I also tend to like jewelry that is older than I (which makes it border on the genuine definition of antique).

My preferences are also for 18k gold, or platinum, and I love Old European Cut stones the very best (Mine Cut is similar).


@shrdlu: I asked primarily because they used to sell a fair amount of very old rhinestone pieces. None of it was as good as what you prefer, but I have a few of their pieces that I adore.


Here's a few places to add to your places to check out.
I love their jewelry.Some very unique items. Sometimes you can get good deals on their outlet tab. Or sign up and you might get a coupon here or there. They don't do that often, but once in awhile they have a decent extra off outlet items sale which is very nice.

Haute is a deal site owned by Nordstrom. They do have some nice jewelry discounts upon occasion. YOu have to sign in to shop -- no fee. Another sign in to shop deal site is Gilt They are owned by Saks, so they have some very nice jewelry discounted. Sometimes some nice coupons too.

Breakell has handcrafted stuff that is very nice. They are having a 15% off sale right now.



The Met Museum Store

In fact any of the big museums have nice stuff. Chicago, Boston, Winterthur, etc.. google them. Their stores have nice jewelry.

Another fav of "fair trade" different fun stuff is TenThousand Villages

Is that enough ?


Wow! Soooooo many places to check out. Thanks everyone. I've largely left this community but it's nice to know I can come here with a kind of esoteric question and get mor answers than I could have hope for.


checkout this Woot deal! 50% off all fine jewelry. You'll find something in your price range for sure. There are fresh water and organic pearl jewelry, plus semi-precious stone jewelry, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Happy Shopping!


Costume jewelry whether it’s a bracelet or necklace can be made of less valuable materials like metals, glass, plastic, and synthetic stones. Costume jewelry is mainly used as fashion accessories can constantly change with the time. Usually such jewelries are handcrafted, so you have to look for the store that offers personalized jewelry creation services. There are extensive designs and shapes of necklaces and bracelets that are available on these shops that can match your taste and budget easily. If you are unable to find one such shop, then might be of help. They offer hot trendy jewelry collection which can stand you out of the crowd.