questionsever get weird (for you) food cravings?


Recently I've been struck with a need to eat generic oreos. And I HATE oreos with a passion. The cream completely grosses me out. But for some reason, the ones in my cabinet that I bake with have just hit the spot.


@cmaxelson: Wow, no kidding? I've been craving (and eating) Oreos (not generic) like they were going out of business.

When I get on a food kick, I have to basically eat it until I'm sick of it. The worst one was crab. It is too expensive to get sick of but the solution was going to the local casino on Saturday. All you can eat crab and prime rib for $25. And when we gamble, that price usually comes down to around half that. The weirdest was probably Wasabi Seaweed. I would go and buy out most of their stock, as they usually don't stock too many. I got some funny looks.


A handful of years ago, I ate a dinner mint and I was in heaven- something about it was everything I had been missing in my life up to then which was weird seeing as how yes, I've had dinner mints before.

For a while I would go to Sonic just to get another mint, or take one off my boss's desk. I bought some from the store and went through the bag in a week, bought another bag, etc. etc. I WAS GOING MINT CRAZY

After about three months, they just stopped being as good so I just quit buying them. I mean, I still like mints fine, but I'm no longer compelled to eat them every day. Dunno what was up with that.


Celery? Are you sure you're not pregnant?


I stay on a low fat intake, and about every 2 weeks the need for a chunk of cheddar cheese just drives me nuts.


I know technically it's not a food craving, but sometimes when I get a little dehydrated, I HAVE to have a 2 liter of Lipton Lemon Iced Tea. It's the only thing that hits the spot. I've tried drinking water, other tea, other beverages, but it doesn't matter. I cannot slake my thirst until I have the Lipton! It hasn't happened in a couple of years, but it has happened a couple of times!


Chocolate covered peanuts. Nuff said