questionsspiking your parents' milkshakes over internet…


I always cringe when I am watching a movie and people drug other people to achieve a non-malevolent effect. Or when a human gets shot with a tranq dart intended for a tiger or a TRex and all is well. I think it breeds the misconception that this is a safe behavior. When I watch reruns of I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched, I can't believe how often they get people drunk, to supposedly hilarious effect, to cover up otherwise inexplicable uses of magic. In today's society such behaviors would be inexcusable, yet I often see equally casual use of drugs for more or less the same purposes in movies and shows. I'm not big on blaming TV, games, etc for people acting out. But people as a whole seem to be sorely lacking in education (and frankly intellect) and misleading them in matters that could have life-threatening consequences is just irresponsible.


I was impressed that the parents pressed charges. Hope they carry thru.