questionswhats the best headset w. mic for my ps3 on a…


Ok, give us a budget window for a start.


@pitamuffin: could i hook it up so i am getting audio from ps3/tv and use the mic on a laptop (i use gmail chat when playing online with a friend, no lag then)


Well first and foremost, above all else.. DON'T BUY A TURTLE BEACH..
I can't stress that enough. They're built like a glass-Pinto and are warrantied the same.. And their customer service is by far the worst (top 3 anyways) I've ever dealt with too.. in policy and practice.

If you don't mind having wires strapped to your head you can save yourself a lot of money and get a nice headset for probably 1/2 cost of alternatives.. SteelSeries had a really nice headset around the "Deal A Day" sites for awhile for around $29.. also came with a console adapter that was compatible with other PC headsets also. Check around the Dealsites for this (or other SteelSeries)


@drsilentg: Guess you posted that before I refreshed heh.. I'd take a look around here a SD first, there're always decent headsets on sale for pretty cheap.. They phase new generations in pretty frequently, so finding deals on gaming headsets is pretty common.


I'm in agreement with Pitamuffin. I have these: and the sound is excellent, I can use them with my PC & my Macbook, it recharges off the same USB as your PS3 controllers, and the range is excellent. The only downside that I've found is that the dongle will interfere with the RF signal from my keyboard & mouse when I have it hooked to my PC, but a USB extension cable moving it 3' away fixes that.


I have had 2 good headsets with mics in the last 5 years. Both are still going strong. They are not specific to PS3 though, I don't have one, so I am not sure if that changes the requirements any, but here are my 2 cents.

First, and cheaper, is the Razer Carcharias which goes for probably under $40 today. Its comfy and good quality. Never missed a beat and took a lot of abuse (which is useful in University).

Second is the Steelseries Siberia V2. These I think go for $100 full price these days but you can probably find a good deal somewhere.