questionsdid anyone else run into fraudulent charges from…


Any online shopping carries with it potential dangers, but they can be mitigated for the most part. Please take a look at this link to avoid possible issues in the future:


do you remember which company it was you ordered from?


Rather than focusing on a single company, it is better to consider all of ones online activity when one believes they have been victimized in this manner.

While we edited the OP to prevent unnecessary harm to the alleged vendor, we did notify them that the question had been asked. They are looking into it.

All told.


The vast majority of credit/debit card fraud is the result of a massive data theft from a payment processing company rather than a single company's employee swiping whatever info he can get.

For information on one such major incident, check here:


After buying on my card was fraudulently charged twice; once from National Express in England, and another time from Continental Airlines. Had to cancel my credit card to prevent further problems.


I just got a $600. fraudalent charge from after purchasing a product for $20.00 over a week ago, never receiving it and now just getting this $600 charge yesterday. Buyer Beware.