questionshas the overload of woot plus items turned you…


Yes, the Woot Plus is getting rather tiresome. I appreciate the extra deals but it seems they have started substituting a larger quantity of deals instead of a few really good ones. Since everything is listed so often, and because the price seems to drop regularly, I've started just waiting them out for the cheapest price when I see something I want. Of course you run the risk of missing the item but that hasn't been a problem yet.


I can't even keep up anymore. There are so many items being sold on Plus deals that it's turned into Amazon Warehouse deals, without the deep discounts. Items are normally sold at the low end of retail -- definitely not worthy of Woot's reputation (their previous one anyway).


Not really. I like there being more to choose from.

What bothers me more is the proliferation of "community deals" on dealswoot that are posted by companies hawking their goods. Most of the time it's not even a deal. I thought the idea was for wooters to post good deals that they have found, but now there is just a lot of free advertising for junk.


Sort of, yeah. My first thought upon seeing today's Woot was that we had already seen this camera before.


I honestly do not even attempt to look at them all. Way to many to keep track of or attempt to figure out if I had looked at or not. The rare times I have looked at them the only items I may have interest in are sold out anyway.


Agree with most of the above. If I've got some free time, I'll check out all of the plus deals at once, by hovering over the headings on the deals page. Anything with an interesting title is further investigated.

I will also go on record as saying that the deals are getting less and less compelling. The only thing that I've missed over the last year or so that was really an "Oh, Darn!" was a heater for $60 that I wound up getting for $75 on Amazon a couple of weeks later. And that was on the Home.Woot page of a woot-off.

For the staff's sake, I hope that all of these are leading to increased profits for Woot!, and hence Amazon. I liked it better the way it was a while ago, but I also wish I could turn back the clock for eBay and some other websites as well. Since I can't, I guess I'll just keep enjoying the parts I still like, ignore the rest, and complain (whine) periodically about the way it used to be...

(Billy Joel's I've Loved These Days plays quitely in the background)


@capguncowboy: I too am definitely burnt out with woot overload. The unfortunate side effect results in me stopping by less. Reading less writeups, and all round just checking woot a lot less.

I still hold a special place in my heart for woot but the mass quantities is becoming way too much to keep up with. I've pretty much accepted that things wont go back (id even be happy going back to 2-3 woot plus deals a week at this point)

Anyways im on my phone so its hard to keep get all my thoughts out so to keep things short: yes WAY too much going on over on the woot sites.


I've bought a few good things from the side deals, and I don't completely dislike the side deal idea, but it is getting really hard to keep up with. If Woot is going to grow, as it obviously has, it needs to grow in some direction, and I guess adding page after page of would eventually get to be WAY too much. I also don't really want to see Woot's sites look like this or this or this.

I guess the Woot Plus sales are sort of like flash sales on other sites, but there are so many of them and no regular schedule on which they change, as far as I can see. I always try to check out the new sales, but I can't always tell which ones are new and get annoyed sorting through them.

I guess the bottom line for me is "yes and no." There are some decent things out there worth viewing, but it's overwhelming and needs some restructuring, at minimum.


I think Woot Plus's plethora of deals pairs nicely with the $5 All You Can Ship feature.


I don't really mind all of the extra listings.


Too much, don't even look.


When woot plus came up, I was okay with it because they have thumbnails of what they were offering. After all, I expected the change when woot was bought by Amazon.
But then, for the top bar, the images of what was being offered disappeared and was replaced by text. When I do window shopping online, I like to see thumbnails of what is being offered. If I show interest on what the thumbnail shows me, I read the product title and finally then click on the link to see more details because I'm interested on the product. The other times I wouldn't need looking at a thumbnail is when I'm looking for a specific product.

For instance, as of the typing of this comment, I must point out that has the right idea. Show the products they are selling and then show a picture of what is being offered at their "flash sale".


I can't keep up and I don't try to. It's obvious that the one deal-a-day model was taking up precious real estate and not bringing in enough money, but the setup now is laborious and the products offered do not interest me.

If they could improve their selection and their layout--so that I can easily see all side deals for all sites at once--I might be more likely to check in.

In general, I'm tired of checking flash sites. I used to check FAB every day but it just got old. . . too many repeats. But at least that site was well-organized.


Nope! If I have the time I scroll thru, if not, no harm, no foul, no problemo.


I appreciate all your comments here. A couple questions if you don't mind me directing the feedback some....

Assume that we're gonna continue to offer other items than the daily deal on each site and that these items will have a limited sale time (i.e. start & end date)...

What are some things we could do to make it easier for you to look at the Plus offers?
What can we do that would lure you to look through the Plus offers??

I'm interesting in hearing your ideas. Please keep in mind this is brainstorming. Don't expect these to appear next week, next month, etc.


I will agree that it's too much stuff. @thunderthighs: Can we try the Wayback Machine to somewhere around 2011? Since that won't happen, how about maybe 1-2 side deals per site instead of 82 (or however many there are)?


One very, very easy thing you can do is put a day of the week along with the expiration date for each side deal. I see "Ends January 21" and that means little to me if I'm not looking at the calendar and I haven't been paying attention to the date. Tell me "Monday, January 21," and I know when I have to buy my widget by.

It would also be nice if there was some sort of drop-down menu that shows a list of all the side deals on all the sites, in one place.

And make them look prettier.

Better stuff at better prices with more variety would also be nice.

And stuff I can't find anywhere else--not even Amazon, the Mothership--would also be nice.


@thunderthighs: points to prior comment Not having the same deal on multiple pages...sometimes even on the very same day. Sometimes even at different prices. It seems that each tab is a separate company. Hey look, we have a flashlight. Oh look, so do we, same model! will be on another tab tomorrow.


@thunderthighs - While it was removed from my previous comment, what works for me is having a list of all sales on one page, where you can see what is new, what is expiring soon, and how many items are left for each sale, broken down by sub-site.


@thunderthighs: I agree with @rayray8822 about the Woot Plus deals pairing nicely with the $5 All You Can Ship feature. When I buy a Woot deal I always double check the side deals to make certain there isn't something else I can add to my basket. Good marketing point!

As far as improving the Woot Plus deals, I agree with the comments above. It just gets too confusing. While I enjoy the humor in the titles for each group of offerings, I frequently can't tell what the sale is about based on the titles, and really have a tough time determining whether this is something new or a sale I've already looked through. Anything to clear that up would be great. I tend to hover over the header and read the drop down (lazy, I know) so it would be great if we could see thumbnails or dates or something to make it clear what is offered.


Yes, it doesn't feel as exclusive anymore. The deals don't feel special.

@thunderthighs: My .02.... It's annoying to have to go to each woot sub site and click on each sub sub category. This is what keeps me from looking at it all. Not sure what would make it better.


Several changes would help:

Apps (well-designed) for each major smartphone platform. Please, no iPhone app first and Android app to follow later, that would be annoying.

Clarity about expiration etc (such as day of week as well as date).

Awesome never seen before deals of the sort woot was once known for. Make it worth the time and effort already.

Clean up the layout and clarify the info and comment links for each item (right now the pages are messy, ugly, cluttered, and a pain to scan thru -for me at least.)

Many of us probably look at the woot sites as often on a mobile device as on a PC. Those pages are horrible in a mobile browser .... yet I have no issues with, say, Amazon's desktop site or other desktop sites using the same browser.


Good gravy yes. I just counted all of the WootPlus deals because I was curious as to how many there actually were- 267!
Two hundred. Sixty. Seven. That is nuts compared to just a year ago.
I hate to criticize because saying that this is a bad thing is like saying that Amazon has too wide a selection, but Woot needs at the very least a central hub where you can see all of the deals being offered without having to click on twenty different links.


Yes, somewhat...but the $5.00 shipping for the day does entice me to add small items I might not otherwise spring for. As a matter of fact, I just did that with an order a couple of days ago.

But I really, genuinely have to want an item to spring for that initial purchase. As some other folks have mentioned, there seem to be fewer and fewer items at really attractive prices as the daily (or designed to be daily) deals; fewer things jump up and say "Buy me!" Too many of the featured daily items seem downright boring.

Curiously, today I happened to read the What is deals.woot FAQ and the preface by one Matt Rutledge, who is listed as Founder & CEO of Woot Inc. It seemed to be written about the place I used to know.

I'm going to think more about the Plus deals and ways they might be improved. Strongly endorse adding the DAY to the date of expiration, though. More later.


The navigation for the plus deals has to be easier and on some kind of understandable cycle. I don't know whether theres going to be new plus deals, so I might remember to hover over the tabs and see if there's something new. If i see something new in the tab, then I have to sometimes guess what the description means and then whether I'm interested in looking. It's too much guessing and clicking to look for the plus deals.

And yes, as already stated, the deals have to be good and fresh. If it's a repeat, at least make some kind of visible cut in the price compared to last time.


@thunderthighs: Thank you for asking for our opinions.

The one thing I find most annoying is that I have to first click on the tab (woot, tech, home, sport, etc) at the top, then I have to click on the Woot Plus main image, and then I have to click on the product I might be interested in. It would be great to have all those plus deals consolidated on one page so I can scroll through them all at once without having to go to so many different pages.

Also, as I browse the site every day, it's difficult for me to determine which of the woot plus deals are new since the day before. Perhaps the consolidated page could order them by the date added.

Why is there an expiration date on the deals? Obviously you are going to bring them back again on another page when you don't sell out of them. Just leave them on the "consolidated" page until they sell out then remove it. It's annoying to see it disappear only to reappear again later as if it's something special.


I rely on the Woot Stalker site for keeping abreast of the Plus deals. Even if I forget to check in a timely enough manner to see the "New" badges on deals, I can look at the posted dates to see when deals were posted. I click on all of the new listings because I've previously missed things due to "cute" Woot titles that didn't capture my interest, but actually had things I would have wanted. If the thumbnails on Woot Stalker look interesting, I then click through to that particular Woot Plus listing.

Woot Stalker lets me satisfy my curiousty, while speeding up and simplifying the process of sifting deals.

Thanks @lichme !


When I think of the all new and improved Woot, it reminds me a lot of Best Buy's Cowboom in purpose - somewhere to put all the extra stuff that hasn't sold as expected. and they're doing a great job at it. I'm sad they sacrificed the old Woot to do it, but it's business and it was inevitable once Amazon bought them. Corporations are about the bottom line. Woot wanted to be financially successful and unique. I still find good deals and shop here, but it's just that - shopping. Woot was a tiny little adventure, right down to not knowing exactly when your package would arrive.


I'm not turned off, necessarily, but in terms of monetary spending, it seems I am.

I find myself barely buying anything during woot-offs, because I know either
1. I have had the chance to buy all of the products I'm seeing on woot plus before
2. I will have the opportunity to buy the item at some point in the future on woot plus

Woot-Offs just don't do it for me anymore. At least before woot plus, I could trick myself into thinking I was getting a good deal on something. Now I know I'm not.


It was this week's $6000-$7000 watches that threw me over. Maybe it's just me, but that kind of an investment shouldn't be made through woot (ar amazon, for that matter). It may be discounted from the original $30,000,000,000,000.00 of the original MSRP, but if I'm going to spend more money on my watch than my current car is worth, I'm AT LEAST going to want to try it on first...


I don't mind the Woot Plus stuff. I like a little extra variety. Most of the time I forget they're there though. I spend most of my time on the deals.woot site.



Agreed. Although I don't like the new woot page layouts, the real problem is the deals .... or lack thereof.

I often don't bother looking at the main * deal each day, let alone the side deals. Nothing to fascinate me (wow, what is that?!), no prices I haven't seen before or won't see again tomorrow or next week, no "I've been wanting one but never thought I could justify the price" deals ....why take the time?

I am less likely now to buy something cool now and give it a try anyway - I've already given away or Goodwill'ed too many items that didn't work out and cluttered up my life recently. That's not woot's doing, of course.

Not much reason to pay attention to woot-offs, too predictable and little that's special.

Like many here, I come for deals.woot and the people here (including staff and most esp @thunderthighs).

Thanks to you all for a warm and entertaining site.


I don't often bother with the side deals. It's a "time permitting" aka "I'm bored" thing.
@thunderthighs: If it looked more like "deals" or at least used the "deals" layout on an aggregator page. (e.g. Main items in the top section, plus items and comments in the body) it would be easier to navigate.

j5 j5

@thunderthighs: Put all of the plus deals in one place, under one header - woot +
There are too many of them on the main pages. I haven't bothered reading a write up since they pushed the 'main' product page back a click.


@thunderthighs: I don't mind the Woot plus deals but what I DO mind is that there is no shopping cart. As I've said before, having to order each item individually is a real turn off...and it looks bad to my credit card company to boot.
I'd place more orders if there was a shopping cart to make things easier.


@thunderthighs: I would overhaul the entire system. It is pretty clear that most users seemed to like the 1 item per day idea on the main sites. It also is clear that people do not mind more items however they dislike them together.

Make the Woot sites go back to the 1 item 1 day model and then create a new type of site that would solve many headaches. Make a site something along the lines of warehouse.woot. This site would not be a 1 item per day like people were used to, but more along the lines of a "traditional" retailer. You could keep the current woot plus grouping ideas, but organize them in a way people knew what was new and old so they would know what deals they have not yet viewed. This site might also allow you to use another feature people have been asking for, a shopping cart. This would be a system that could make all sides happy and still allow woot to increase the items for sale each day.


Yes, the plus deals make it unwieldy. Few people want to spend time going through tabs & countless sub tabs. Others before me have stated the fact that few are real deals, and are repeated over & over again.

A site redesign is past due. @lichme's tracker is amazing! Kudos to him for developing that & offering it to us! Shame on woot for not making their own site easy to use.

Two needed but helpful things I've suggested before in similar questions:

1. A shopping cart, so I can toss items in & look for more. No need for repetitive check-outs.

2. Search function in woot that works. If I'm looking for a stuffed animal, I expect to be able to search for it. You know, like you do in any other storefront site. Can't be done w/i woot. Ergo, I'll look elsewhere...simply NOT going to plow through page after page of items on the off-chance it might be offered.

Please make woot user-friendly. Currently it looks like an up-scale, often over-priced, garage sale.


I read a couple responses about adding a shopping cart feature. I'm not sure that would work with Woot and here's why:

The products could sell out quickly -- especially during a woot-off. So there's a high probability you could add something to your cart, look around for other things to add, and then when you go to pay one of the items is no longer available.

This problem could occur at any time during the browsing or check process. So after submitting the charge to your credit card company and finding out one of the items is unavailable, what happens to the other items in the cart? Do they still get sold or canceled? What about the authorization already made?

If they get sold, those people buying extra items to save on the shipping could be angry? If it gets canceled, when you repurchase the canceled items, they could be sold out too.

Of course now that nothing really sells out on Woot except during a woot-off, this may not be that big of a problem.


@cengland0: that's a good explanation on the cart. When you purchase an item, it is reserved for you. At this time, our system doesn't support cart shopping and managing pending purchases vs inventory. Even if an item was in the cart, we would continue to sell the item until it sold out. Unless it's bought and paid for, it's not reserved. That doesn't mean we may not look at something different in the future, it's just not in our current business model.

Y'all are coming up with some good ideas, many echoing my thoughts. That's good info in itself. Keep them coming.


@thunderthighs: Re: Items selling out while in your cart. Have said this before - this is currently true for most storefront sites. If something sells out in your cart, you lose that item. Happens all the time. You then have the option of buying the remaining items or deleting them from your cart.

The key phrase is, "...our system doesn't support cart shopping and managing pending purchases vs inventory." What we're suggesting is to change your existing system so it does work. Your "current business model" is not user friendly. It doesn't make the shopping experience easy or seamless for your customers. You DO want for us to shop here, don't you? And we DO want to. Please make it easy for us to do that.


I'm in agreement with the above answers. I've stopped checking everything but deals.woot because the layout is a mess. I'd really like to see all the side deals move to a separate site. I'd also like to like the initial preview of an item to tell me what you're selling, with a short description and the price. It just doesn't catch my attention unless I see all three pieces of information. I can't tell what most of the side deals are selling; the previews are too vague. I also find the preview of the main item on the * pages a turn off because it doesn't tell me the price, so I have no idea if it's a deal.

I also can't help but notice most of the things woot sells are now in a higher price range. I'm not really interested in impulse buying things that are so expensive. I'd like to see more things that are under $50.